Friday, May 20, 2016

Intentional Spending

My sister and brother-in-law left yesterday. We had such a great time catching up after four years. The few days they were here were wonderful but way too short. They have promised to come back in less than the four years it took this time. We have told them that we can drive to their home anytime. It's only a 4 hour drive but they always want to come here. We must be a good host and hostess.  So I am hoping that it will be less than a year until they come again.

Now to get onto my topic of intentional spending. You all know how we spend as little as possible every month by keeping track of and naming where every dollar goes. We don't budget. We just think about every expense and how to minimize it. Then when we do spend, it is intentional. Hence, we call it intentional spending. It is the total opposite of impulse spending. When we spend money, it has been well thought out before it happens. 

We spend intentionally whether it be on restaurant meals, clothing, electronics or even groceries. We clearly define our wants from our needs in these categories and many others. We don't shop on impulse and buy coffee out every day. We don't impulsively go out to dinner once or twice a week. We don't shop without a purpose. We only purchase clothes when we need them. We have way too many right now so we are not buying any clothes this year.

We don't go to the newest movies on the weekends they open. We have the patience to wait until they are on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There are so many good movies that we have never seen that we can watch at home that the newest movie isn't even important to us. 

We don't buy a lot of snacks or junk food. We would rather spend our money on fruits and vegetables, nuts or nut mixes, popcorn to pop, or cheese and crackers to nibble on. This is intentional both because snack foods are expensive and the ones we prefer are healthier.

We only buy fast food when we really have thought it out and want some that day. This is an infrequent occurrence and we intentionally have not purchased any this month with one exception. My sister wanted to try a Beef on a Weck( a Buffalo Yummy) while she was here so we got take out at Anderson's and she treated.  We, ourselves never really want to buy fast food since it is isn't healthy and doesn't taste that good. My or Hubby's cooking is so much better. So we are seeing how many months we can go without intentionally purchasing it.

However intentionally spending doesn't mean that we don't ever spend on any luxuries. We do and when we do they have been planned well in advance so that it is a pleasure to spend that money. We just don't do it every day because then it wouldn't be a luxury.

Here are two examples that occurred while my sister and brother-in law were here. I planned dinner out on Tuesday evening at one of our favorite local family owned restaurants. It was intentionally planned so that we could enjoy a nice meal and I didn't have to cook the first night they arrived. We could just catch up over a meal that was served to us. We also asked our son to join us since they hadn't seen him in years either. He was planning on coming out to do a repair for us that evening anyhow so everything worked out well. It costs a whole lot more to pay for drinks and dinner for 5 of us than if I had cooked at home but it was an expense that we were more than willing to pay. 

The next night we had a very nice dinner at home. We could have had hamburgers cooked out on the grill. But instead I intentionally planned a very special dinner for all of us. I purchased prime filet mignons which Hubby grilled outside on the new grill which works superbly. We had them with sauteed Baby Bella mushrooms, organic shrimp cocktails, baked potatoes with butter, sour cream and chives from our garden, and corn on the cob. It was all served with a wonderful red wine that my sister and BIL brought. Later in the evening we had blueberry pie. We spared no expense or calories. It was a celebration of their presence with us.

If we impulsed shopped all of the time, we might be more hesitant about taking everyone out to dinner or making a luxury dinner at home. But we don't, so we have the money to intentionally spend on luxuries when we want.

You will see many more examples of how we intentionally spend during the month of June and our thought process behind those expenses.

Now I am off to eat some oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast. I need to drop a pound or two because of all of the calories we have eaten recently. It is a beautiful day for a long walk too. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. So glad that you had a wonderful visit with your sister! Family times are so special and worthy of celebrating. Your steak meal looks delicious!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Would you share your dishwasher and laundry soap recipes? I read you make it from scratch and it works well with your HE washer?

    1. Hi Aj,

      They are on my list along with tyhe yogurt recipe.