Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Expense Report

This is a review of  every penny we have spent during May. If there is a category that you don't see, it is explained here  .

Gas & Electric             $ 151.77          Still heating season

Cable, Int.,&Tel.             141.50

Netflix                              7.99

Guardian                         29.85          Monitored Alarm System

Medical                         378.04           Drs., Dentist, Insur.,&Meds.

Personal Care                  75.66

Restaurants                   108.00

Household Goods            318.81

Auto& Gasoline               123.91

Home Improve.                38.49

Groceries                       727.11

Propane                           19.43

Shipping Charges               9.95

Total Amt. Spent          $ 2130.51

It was not a bad spending month. There isn't much I can do but whittle the natural gas and electric bill down every month. But this bill the heat was on for the entire period because it was so cold. The cable and Netflix is our entertainment. The internet is a necessity or I wouldn't be writing to you. The telephone and monitored alarm system is a necessity for us. The monthly fee for Guardian will be going up next bill. Considering they haven't raised it in six years, I am not complaining.

Our medical was much lower this month but does include the health insurance premium for our advantage plan but not medicare premiums because they are reimbursed to us by Hubby's last employer.  The personal care included 2 haircuts, one for me and one for Hubby and some OTC medicines for my cold . I am growing out my hair which had very short layers and it was getting to be such a mess that I had to get it professionally done. She did a beautiful job on my hair so I may go back to her.

The restaurant bill was for Hubby, me, my son, my sister and my BIL the night we all went out. $ 108.00 including tip is not bad for five adults for food and drink.

Household goods was $ 306.72 for our new gas grill and $ 12.09 for some carpet cleaning solution for my carpet cleaner.

Automotive was $ 75.00 for our yearly AAA premium, $ 11.90 in gasoline for the lawn mower and $ 21.80 for the SUV. The other $ 15.21 was for a premium car wash.

Home improvement was $ 23.00 for a hose stand for the backyard and $ 15.49 for repair materials.

Groceries were high this month but we had very nice meals while we had company here for a few days. We also entertained 4 other times this month. The groceries also included beer and wine for that entertaining.

Propane was our yearly tank fill up for our gas grill. The shipping charges was for a return.

As I have mentioned before, our income varies from month to month depending on a number of factors including investment dividends. So after expenses this month we will be investing $ 5,000. today. That will bring our investment total to $ 24,000. for the year done in 5 months. We are on target to make our goal of investing $ 50,000. this year which makes me absolutely giddy. It will get harder though because we have hefty school taxes coming up in September. I would like to pay them out of current income even though there is plenty of money in the bank to pay them. We will see if I make my total of $ 50,000. doing this. I am aiming for it.

So how did you guys do this month? Did you pay off a chunk of debt? Or did you put a lot of money into savings and investments? I am your best cheer leader every month! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Tomorrow I will post on my plans for June and the intentional spending that will be the challenge of the month.


  1. Great job saving so much this month! That is awesome! Congratulations! Glad you were able to enjoy your visit with family. I think $108 restaurant bill for 5 people is great too.
    I really need to do better with grocery spending. It keeps creeping up on me. I wasn't able to save as much this month as I hoped since we had a car repair of $500 or so plus property tax bill. But I think we should have $1000 to add to savings which I am happy about.
    Oh I meant to tell you I made the pumpkin bread and we really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks. Grocery bills definitely creep up on all of us as evidenced by my totalthis month. You can workright along side of me in June to bring you grocery total down as part of my intentional spending only month. More details tomorrow.

    $1000.00 is terrific savings! Congrats on saving it!