Monday, May 2, 2016

My Goals for May

I love the month of May. My flowers like iris, peonies and lilies are starting to show their greenery and it won't be long before they bloom. The grass is green and growing which makes Hubby happy. He loves mowing the lawn on the riding mower.

Our trees are blooming. The pear tree is in full bloom(the picture is a little crooked because it is raining and I was trying not to get soaked). The cherry tree, red bud, and the purple plum are starting to flower. The maple is starting to show leaves.

May always seems like a new beginning with new life.
So last night I wrote out my goals for this month and I hope to be able to check them all off my list by May 31st.

- Get prepared for my sister and brother-law's visit mid month. We haven't seen each other in a few years so I am really looking forward to them coming.

- Have my grandson sleep over one weekend. That gives my son and daughter-in-law a chance to enjoy a free weekend to do whatever they want and we love having him.

- Plant some tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, basil and oregano.

- Replace a few bushes that the deer ate this winter.

- Have the driveway sealed. This has been scheduled.

- Go out to a restaurant for dinner just once for a special occasion. All other meals will be cooked at home. No fast food either.

- Eat from our stockpile;purchase minimal fresh veggies and fruits and dairy.

- Research prices on a new gas grill and purchase it. Ours is on it's last leg. It was a Weber and we have hated it since the day we got it. We have repaired it twice and it still barely grills the meat. No more money to be wasted on parts. After six years, we are trashing it. 

- Clean all of the outdoor furniture on our patio that my son helped Hubby take out of the shed where it has been stored for the winter.

- Cook 99% of our meals outdoors either on the grill or in small appliances. The weather will be starting to heat up and I don't want to have to turn on the A/C because we heated up the house.

- Replace caulk in windows that has come loose over winter.

- Power wash the house.

- Invest another $ 4,000. plus in two different investments this month.

I think that is enough to keep us busy this month. While my sister and BIL are visiting, I will be taking three days off from this blog to enjoy their company. I will let you know beforehand when that will occur. 

Have you set your goals for May? If so comment and share with us. 


  1. Sounds like a busy month!
    Hope that you have a wonderful visit with your sister. I think family and experiences together are more important than anything. Don't worry about blogging...we will be here when you get back online.
    Have a great May!

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks. I agree with you that experiences and spending time with family are the two most important things in life. I will only be gone three days mid month.

    You have a great May too.