Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Potluck Dinner

When people think of potluck dinners, they think about what kind of dish they can make to bring to one. I have been to many in my lifetime as I am sure all of you have. They are fun and a reasonably cheap night out.

In our household, potluck is a judicious use of our leftovers. You all know that I hate waste. So when I find our leftovers piling up, we have a potluck dinner. Our potluck really gives us another dinner made out of leftovers that other people would think nothing of tossing in the garbage. 

But we eat our leftovers always. When there is enough for another meal, we heat them and serve them. When there are just bits and pieces of meats, potato, rice or vegetables, we put them in a freezer container for soup. When the freezer container gets full, we make a soup.

When veggies or fruits start getting old, we either freeze them or put them in a stew, soup or smoothie.

So when I was planning last night's dinner by looking in the refrigerator, I realized we had too many leftover containers. So we had a potluck meal last night.

Hubby had some pork tenderloin, corn on the cob and the leftover pasta salad.

I had the fried potatoes covered with the chicken fajita leftovers and a slice of pork tenderloin. I heated all of it except the pasta salad in the microwave. Since I needed a vegetable with my meal, I sliced part of a cucumber onto a plate and added some sliced green peppers from the ones I prepared for the week on Saturday.

We both had a small fruit dish of grapes and sliced strawberries for dessert.

So now all of the leftovers are gone and we got an extra meal from them for our money. We still have some fruit but it will be good sliced on cereal or eaten as snacks the rest of the week.

So the next time you ignore your leftovers and feed your garbage disposal or trash can with them, think twice. You have already spent that money so get your money's worth by using them for a potluck meal. Don't throw your hard earned money in the garbage.


  1. I sure like your name for dinners like that than my "clean out the fridge night". I think it will go over better with the family too. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy learning something new!

  2. My hubby and I do the same thing if we don't finish the leftovers for lunch the day after I fix the food initially. I'm with you on hating to waste food. My hubby works so hard to provide for our family and I work hard to stretch his income. We make a good team! ;)

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for sharing! You do make a good team! I guess Hubby and I do too since we will be married 49 years in just a few weeks.