Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Love Blogging But Life Happens

I love blogging and sharing my knowledge with all of you. However, family comes first. Hubby has had a bad back since he was 21 years old. The pain the past few years has been almost unbearable for him.

So the reason I have been missing in action yesterday and today was to take care of his needs.

We spent a lovely day together yesterday with no interruptions because he was a bit nervous about the medical procedure (ablation) that he underwent very early this morning. 

Everything went well but I will be taking care of him for the next few days while he recuperates. Then in about 2 weeks he undergoes another medical procedure. Hopefully this will make him pain free for the next year or two. I sure hope so because he has been through many cortisone injections that didn't work. It's painful for me to watch him have trouble even walking to the mailbox. He has good days and bad days. 

So when I disappear, please know that I will be back. I am just taking care of Hubby and my energy needs to go there.

That said, I did intentionally spend some money today. I promised Hubby that when his ablation was done and he could eat that I would get him whatever he wanted at Applebee's. So I went and got lunch for us to the tune of $ 26.90 including tax and tip. We don't normally eat that much for lunch so we won't be eating much dinner. Perhaps a snack. This was definitely a need because Hubby did so well this morning and was craving it. 

I will fit in some posts when I can.


  1. Family always comes first! So sorry that your husband has been having pain with his back. Do hope that he gets some relief soon! Please don't worry about posting; we will be here when you have time. Life is stressful, especially when you are taking care of family, so you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. yes, family comes first -- ALWAYS! I hope that your husband heals well and that the next treatment he has lasts for a long time.

  3. I hope your husband gets relief from these medical procedures.

  4. Take care of your husband. I'm very interested in the procedures to help his back pain. My mother is 83 and used to be so active, it kills me that her back pain immobilizes her now. We are currently trying acupuncture, but I don't think it's doing anything for her. When you have time, please explain. I enjoy your blog & learn so much from you. I do hope your husband finds some relief.

    1. It's call ablation for back pain. Google it. She would need to see a orthopedic Dr. who specializes in pain management. Hubby had to go through two rounds of cortisone injections first on each side of this lower back and then when they didn't work, the next step was the ablation. They will only do one side of the back at a time. Hence Hubby goes back in a couple of weeks to have the other side done. A month or so should tell if it worked. HTH!

  5. I always comes first. I'm so sorry your hubby has been in so much pain and I am praying he will get some relief with these procedures.

  6. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes. He is doing well enough that I might sneak out for an hour to run some errands that must be done. Look for a post later.