Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Best Things I Buy At Dollar Tree

I love Dollar Tree. They have some great things and they have some that I would never buy there. 

These items that I will talk about today are ones that I have tried and buy there every time I need them.The only exception I show today is the puzzle books. I just spotted them for the first time.

Let's start with what I think is the best bargain. That would be the 2lb. bag of Pampa brown rice. It is an exceptional value compared to buying it at my supermarket for $3.99.

Their greeting cards can't be beat for price. I have another baby shower to go to for my other next door neighbor. So today I picked up the shower card that I needed. They have every category of greeting card that you could want. Why pay $ 3.00- $5.00 when you can purchase them for $ 1.00.

I didn't realize that they had logic puzzle books there until today. Never again will I buy those, crossword, or Soduko books at the grocery store.

I love their plastic containers. I use them to gift cookies or cake. For $1.00, I don't care if the container doesn't get returned.

They have a huge selection of candy. So I picked up a bag of caramels that my DIL loves.

Security envelopes are dirt cheap compared to other  stores. We only use a couple a month but I like them at my fingertips when we need them.

The grandchildren love glow sticks so I like to have some for each of them on hand.

Their plastic or paper tablecloths are perfect for the gift baskets that I make. Since I use laundry size baskets, I stuff the bottoms with newspaper and then put the tablecloth wrapped around it. This raises the gift items up and makes the basket prettier. Enough tissue paper to do that would cost me a whole lot more money. 

This skin cleanser is the only one that I use on my face now. It cleans and removes make up beautifully.

Secret solid is my favorite deodorant. They carry it so I save money buying it there.

And lastly, they carry a significant number of storage containers. We use them all over the house to keep things properly organized.

There are many others too like wrapping paper, bows, tissue paper and gift bags. If you can think of any more that I haven't mentioned, please share them with us in the comments.   

I have checked my prices in my area but make sure that you check yours in your area to make sure that you getting the best price for your money.    


  1. I'm also a fan of DollarTree. I like their color books for children. My mom and son like their adult color books.
    I like their shelf stable quarts of milk and their dryer sheets work great 55 sheets for $1 is a very good deal.
    My grands love to visit the toy department.

  2. Ooo, thanks for these ideas! I always buy post-it type notes, salsa, Stax, facial tissue, juicy juice boxes, stickers, paper party goods (plates, napkins) and magnetic shopping lists at our dollar stores. Also, earlier this year I found fancy
    bar soaps in decorative boxes, so I stocked up. I also buy frozen fruit there too, and socks. What bargains, and what fun! Teresa

  3. Good deals! Thank you!
    Hope your husband is doing better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Hubby came off the ventilator today.Now we just have to get the kidneys working.