Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What Have You Purchased That Has Saved You Money In The Long Run?

Do you remember this post that I did a while ago:

Ditching the Throwaway 

Well I am going to expand on that topic today. Here is a list of things that I believe will save you money in the long run by owning them. 

- Pressure Cooker - Mine saves me time not only money. I can buy cheaper cuts of meat and cook them in no time and they will be as tender as if I slow cooked them for 8 hours. I use it to make cook batches of rice and then I freeze it in portions.
If I forget to soak dry beans overnight, I can get them ready to use in a recipe by cooking them in the pressure cooker in just minutes. This is also an energy efficient appliance. 

- Crockpot - This appliance will save you many dollars in energy usage over a year of oven use.

- LED Bulbs - I know I have mentioned these before but they are worth mentioning again. Change all of your bulbs in your home to LED's and you will see a drop in your electric bill.

- Vacuum Sealer - I have a Foodsaver and it has saved me mega bucks over the years because I can buy on sale items in bulk and freeze them knowing there will be no freezer burn.

- Shoe Shine Kit - We have owned one since we got married. Actually, Hubby brought it into our marriage. Take good care of your shoes and they will last you almost forever. We have some classic styles that are over 35 years old.

- Owners Manual For You Automobile - Hubby has  purchased one for every car we have ever owned. It has saved us a fortune in DIY car repairs. 

- Drying Rack or Clothesline - This not only saves money on energy costs but makes your clothes last longer. It's your dryer that breaks down the fiber in your clothes.

- Bar Soap Holder - These keep the soap from softening up and melting away. Just get a simple plastic one with the teeth that keeps the soap up in the air and dry. 

- Carpet Shampooer - We are on our second one. They do such a great job that I don't have to pay for carpet cleaning. I have had light cream carpeting in  our last two homes. When I sold our home in another state, the carpet looked brand new after 9 years. We have lived here over six years and people that have visited have asked me if my carpeting is  brand new. You pay a fortune for good carpeting. Take care of it and will last you for decades.

- Foam Hand Soap - I bought one filled and reuse it all of the time. I just add 1/3 to 2/3 water and reuse  it over and over. It saves a fortune in refill soap. You can also make your own liquid soap using bar soap.

- Mason Jars - These are cheap at Amazon or look for them at garage sales. I use them not only for canning but to store leftovers and to store bulk purchased items. They also are great for freezing things like homemade sauces. I rarely buy plastic wrap or plastic containers.

- Stand Alone Freezer - Just purchasing your meat in bulk at sales prices will pay for this item.  We have had two freezers in over 40 years so I would say that they definitely pay for themselves. 

- Electric Razor - Don't pay for shavers and blades that you throw away. Use one of these instead or at least buy a safety razor like Dorco.

- Silicone Baking Mat - This will save you from using foil. 

- Hair Cutting Kit - We saved $$$$'s over the years on haircuts for our boys. Hubby always cut their hair and for many years when mine was short, he cut mine too.

- Dental Floss and Electric Toothbrushes - These will save you on dental bills over the years if you use them religiously.

- Bicycle - This will save your health and save you gasoline if you use it to run errands. I used to bicycle a lot. Now I am afraid of falling and breaking a hip. So I replaced it many years ago with a stationary one for my home. I try to use it every other day while I am watching a mindless TV show.

- Any Home Exercise Equipment - This will save you many dollars over purchasing gym memberships year after year.

I am sure there are plenty more but my time is limited this week. So if you think of any that I haven't listed and want to share with the rest of us, feel free to leave a comment. 



  1. Back in 2000 my husband bought me my very own copy machine so I wouldn't have to take our five children to the copy store when I needed a copy while homeschooling. I thought it was the best present ever! We had that one for many years until it broke down and then he bought me another second hand one that is doing great.

    1. Hi Rozy,

      That is a terrific idea especially for home schoolers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tips! Thanks!
    My husband bought me a food saver, and I really like it. Do you buy the rolls? Trying to figure out the best economical way to use it.
    I think our tent and now our popup camper has saved us money by providing inexpensive vacations along with happy memories.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I buy the rolls to make my own bags on Amazon in bulk.

      The tent and popup have certainly saved you on hotel and motel bills.

      Thanks for sharing.

  3. Having two daughters, I invested in a wax warmer so we could wax our own eyebrows instead of going to the salon. I have no idea how much we have saved so far, but I know that the warmer, wax and supplies have paid for themselves many times over. Since we purchased our current home 1 ½ years ago, we have switched all our light bulbs to LED’s. It took several months of waiting for sales and doing a few rooms at a time (around 100 bulbs were needed), but we are saving so much money on our electric bill. The savings so far has already paid for the bulbs, and they should last many years. We have 2 freezers besides the one attached to the fridge. About every 1 ½ years or so we purchase a side of local beef. Once we bring the pre-wrapped frozen beef home, we use our food saver and vacuum seal everything so there is no chance of freezer burn. Even though the initial cost seems high, over all we are saving several dollars per pound plus we know how the cow was fed and cared for. I also have 2 laundry racks which are used weekly for my laundry. The other thing I thought of is my sewing machine. I am able to mend and hem things, sew simple clothes for my grandbabies and myself, curtains, blankets, etc.

    1. Hello Life in Mooseport,

      Thanks for these tips. I have often thought about a wax warmer. I also love the idea of mending with the sewing machine.

  4. Great money savers!

    I would add my KitchenAid mixer. With arthritis, I had all but abandoned making my own treats that required lots of mixing heavy doughs and batters. My dh bought me a baby pink mixer and I love and use it at least weekly, making my own treats once again. It saves us hundreds of dollars per year, at least!

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Yes, thanks for reminding me about the KA mixer. It does save hundreds of dollars. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You mentioned cleaning your carpets with your shampooer...do you buy a certain brand of carpet cleaner or do you make your own cleaner? If you do, would you mind sharing it with us, as well as the brand of shampooer you have? I have been debating about buying one.....
    Thanks, Enid

    1. Hi Enid,

      I buy Bissell Carpet Cleaner. My shampooer is a Hoover Power Scrub.