Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Frugal Things That We Have Done Over The Past Week

We have had a good frugal week. These are the things that we have done:

- Cooked every meal but one from scratch. One day we got take out from Panera Bread using a gift card.

- Hubby with my help put in three new electrical outlets in the garage. He now has an outlet to use when he charges his scooter. All it cost us was $40.90 for the boxes, wire and channel covers. This is Hubby's field of expertise.

- Hubby and I trimmed flowers and bushes. Hubby has been mowing the lawn with the rider. 

- I did some grocery shopping. It is the first time I had time to look for coupons. Since I cook from scratch, I rarely get to use any. I was able to use two; one for olive oil and one for sour cream. Every thing else was purchased on sale or was a store brand. I used $ 1.72 gift card from Walmart Savings Catcher. I paid for the rest using my 2% reward card.

- We charge everything that we can with our reward credit cards and pay it off when it is due.

- We have cooked most meals outside on the grill to keep the house cool. 

- I kept the thermostat turned up to 75 on the A/C even though it was so hot and humid outside the past month. Last years bill when it was not anywhere near as hot was $101.06. This year's bill was $ 91.73 a savings of almost $ 10.00. It pays to be conscious of energy use.  

- We used to get a lot of free address labels from various companies. We have not been getting them recently so we have run out of the ones we had. We determined it was cheaper in the long run to buy a stamp with our name and address on it rather than buy special adhesive paper to print labels out. So Hubby found a deal and ordered one.

- I returned a large bottle of fish oil capsules to B.J.'s that I purchased recently. The Dr. told us to stop taking them. It has been proven that they don't help. I couldn't find the receipt but B.J.'s let me return them and put the return on a gift card. I spent it on veggies that we needed.

- I filled up the gasoline can that we use for the riding lawn mower using a gift card that was free to us.

- I did 2 loads of wash using cold water and the express cycle. I hung them to dry.  

- I returned beer and soda  bottles that had been hanging around in the garage from having lots of company over the past month. I received $ 12.90.

- I deposited that $ 12.90 and $16.00 worth of rebate checks into our savings.

- My jeans were getting lose from losing weight. So rather than buy new while I am still losing, I took them in a bit.

- I had to break our no buying clothing pledge for the year. We had to buy our first clothing pieces this year. Hubby has lost so much weight that he needed shorts. He had me buy just one pair because he continues to lose. I needed bras because they were so old they were starting to shred. I only bought 4 and paid under $10.00 a piece for them. But those have been our only clothing purchases since January 1.

- I have been stockpiling meat and chicken for the winter at rock bottom prices.

- I continue to clean canned food out of my downstairs pantry. My best friend took all of it and said that she could use it. I gave all of our regular bacon and Italian sausage to my son and his family. They also took all of our recent purchases of spice blends that we couldn't use because they had sea salt in them. This saved me trips to the food pantry.

- Hubby has been purging some things in the house that we have decided we no longer need - one of which is brand new. He will be listing them on Craigslist. They should bring in a few hundred dollars. 

- Our son took our old gas grill that he says he can fix and Hubby's golf clubs that he was thrilled to get. He had been using Hubby's old clubs from the 1970's. This saved us from paying to get rid of the grill.

- Since we have had to water the lawn so often this summer, I know that our next water and sewer bill will be a fortune. So I have been saving as much water in the house as possible and making some of it do double duty by watering our flower hanging baskets. 

That is all that I can think of right now but I think we have done pretty good this past week.

Have you done anything frugal recently?


  1. Sounds like you have done great! I am so glad that your husband is doing better, and it is great that he was able to add the outlets in the garage. Hope the scooter will help him to get around with less pain.

  2. If you end up needing to get him another pair of shorts, I have seen more and more online clearance at kohls & August they usually have extra coupon codes, free shipping & ebates runs their back to school double/ triple cash back days. Will let you know when I see that from ebates.

    1. Hi AJ,

      I am so happy to hear from you. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't thought about that. It would give him at least another pair so that I don't have to wash the one pair so often. I have been handwashing them. I will be awaiting your comment on ebates. Thanks so much.