Monday, July 18, 2016

I Take Inventory And Back To School Shop Every Year

Back to school shopping has become a ritual for me every July even though our household only consists of Hubby and I. There are some great bargains to be had when you need some office supplies.

So every year I check our inventory of pens, pencils, tape, notebooks, computer paper, post it notes, staples, envelopes, folders, etc. This year I determined that we had no subject notebooks on hand. So I purchased three for us. I use these to keep notes for my blog, as journals, for projects, and for years before Quicken to track income and expenses, etc. Walmart had the best price here, just $ .17 each. 

Besides office supplies I look for anything that can do double duty for organizing. This year I hit the jackpot. Walmart had pencil cases that for the price of $ .97 each were pretty sturdy and perfect to corral some of the smaller things in our household. I purchased two while I was shopping for something for Hubby. After I came home and saw how perfect they were for lots of items, I went back yesterday and purchased twenty more while they still had them in my color - brown. I like neutral tones.

I had many pairs of spare reading glasses that I purchased for less than $2.00 a pair just thrown in a drawer. They now have a home in a pencil case to keep them from getting scratched or broken.

Of course, I also use them to corral spare pens in the office. 

They were perfect to organize these items that were in my nightstand drawer. These are my travel alarm clock, book light, mini flashlight and pedometer. They are things that I use often so they need to be handy. 

I even put all of the info and my P-touch labeler in one. It fits perfectly with the cover snapped down. I used this labeler to print all of the labels for the boxes so that I know, at a glance, what is in them.  

My Kindle and it's accessories fit in one perfectly and is always handy in my nightstand drawer. 

My Belkin energy meter and the directions are in one. This container keeps it handy and from getting broken.

And lastly, all of my waist money belts and purses are in this one. They will be easy to find when I travel or go out anywhere that I don't need to take much with me.

I am still working in our bedroom and closet and will find more uses. But I can also see me using them in the garage, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the basement, etc.

So if you are in need of small container storage, think about picking up some of these pencil cases while Walmart still has a great supply of them. The price is right!


  1. Great idea! I hadn't thought of using pencil boxes for organization. Thank you!
    Hope your hubby is getting stronger each day.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      He is getting stronger slowly each day. He drove today(with me in the car of course)but now he just wants to relax.