Sunday, July 10, 2016

I'm Learning and Sharing

Who said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
I may be older(growing) but I can learn new things.

Sundays are now reserved for special treats for Hubby and I. Since we are faithful to Hubby's new diet all week, we have designated Sundays as a day that he can have something he loves. 

So this morning, we had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Egg Beaters are easy enough to do.

Bacon is a no-no because of the nitrates,sodium, fat, and preservatives. However I remembered that when my sister and BIL visited about 7 weeks ago, I purchased uncured bacon because he couldn't have nitrates. I happened to have an extra package in the freezer. This package is minimally processed and extremely low in salt. Hubby has to have a minimum of salt. Everyone needs some salt but we really are watching his salt intake. Monday through Saturday, he is barely getting any salt unless he eats a bagel, bread or a roll. So today, he was happy that he could have two strips of bacon.

When I cooked the bacon for my sister and BIL, I overcooked it and it was too hard. I have learned that uncured bacon cooks in about half the time of regular bacon. So since it continues cooking after I remove it from the pan, I take it out a little early. This morning it was perfect; just the way we like it. 

I am happy that Aldi's carries it. When it is on sale, I can get it there for $ 3.99 a package. Sometimes the grocery stores have it reduced for clearance. So keep an eye on the expiration dates and look a couple of days before expiration if you also buy it. 

Each package has about 12 slices so it will make about 3 meals for Hubby and I. But since we will only eat it on Sundays, I used my food saver to package the rest of it into meal size portions for us. That way I can just pull a package out each Saturday to thaw. 

Sorry that the picture is a little blurry. I was rushing.


  1. Glad your husband was able to enjoy the bacon. We used to get uncured bacon when we joined a meat csa, and we liked it. I also buy the uncured simple truth hot dogs at kroger once in a while, but I'll have to check Aldi the next time we are in the city. Hope you are having a great week.

  2. I don't think I've ever had uncured bacon and I will remember your cooking tip if I ever do,
    Best wishes to you two.