Saturday, July 9, 2016

June 2016 Expense Report

Our expense report for June shows every penny that we spent. If there is a category that you don't see, it is explained here .

Sprinkler System      $ 93.91            Repair

Alarm System             30.90            Monitoring

CableTV, Int.,Tel.        141.50

Electric & Nat. Gas      111.12

Netflix                           7.99

Water & Sewer             52.67          Quarterly Chg.

Groceries                   391.31     

Amazon Prime            106.92          Annual Fee

Household Goods         79.55          BJ's & Dollar Tree

Gifts                          249.50         Birthdays, Baby 
                                                    Shower& Anniv.

Medical                      512.12         Dr,Drugs&Ins.     

Parking Garage            59.00          Cost at Hospital

Eating Out                 387.39          14 meals for 1-3

Gasoline                      83.37

Weed wacking              30.00          

Personal Care               11.81         Make Up

Total Expenses       $ 2242.14   

We had one of the valve controls in one of the zone boxes for our sprinkler system freeze over the winter and it was leaking. So we had the sprinkler company come out and do the repair.

Our alarm monitoring company, Guardian raised our monthly charge.

Groceries were high because of some meat and K-cup stockpiling. I also bought some Lean Cuisines for my meals when I wasn't eating out. 

My state charges tax on the annual Amazon Prime fee.

Parking at the hospital was not free. There will be more charges in July.

Eating out was high but necessary. When my sons stayed with me and we would spend our days at the   hospital with Hubby, I had no extra energy to cook so we ate many meals out or in the hospital cafeteria.

Gasoline was higher than normal because of the traveling every day back and forth to the hospital. 

We pay a neighbor to do our weed wacking.

We were able this month to invest $ 4500. 

The next couple of months are going to be interesting because of all of the hospital bills. There was two different hospitals and many doctors involved. Many tests and drugs, dialysis, etc. So I expect large bills in the next few months. Hubby also has many blood work appointments this month and next and many Doctor appointments. I am so very happy to have him home while he is recovering and getting his strength back.

On that note, we celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary here at home yesterday. I made Shrimp Dia Fravolo using ingredients that are on Hubby's diet. We toasted ourselves with ice water. It was different but wonderful. We had a little bit of orange sherbert with strawberries for dessert.

Hubby was so sick that 10 days ago I was not sure he was going to make it. But he is strong and there were a lot of people praying for him so he is making a remarkable recovery. The Dr. yesterday set up an appointment to have Hubby's temporary dialysis port removed this week because he thinks he no longer needs dialysis. He is weak but he did spend  3 weeks in a bed not eating. So he is getting stronger and stronger as we go for a walk every day and he is eating extremely healthy.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for his recovery. We are very appreciative. I will try to post when I can and after the next 10 days I am hoping to get back to posting every day during the week. Thanks for hanging in there with me. 



  1. Oh happy 49th Anniversargly!! So glad you were able to be home together to celebrate. Glad that your husband is walking and eating healthy and getting stronger each day. Hope he continues to do well and that you will celebrate many more anniversaries together.

  2. It looks like your life is coming together slowly and nicely, and you are working out a schedule for your new life.
    So glad that your hubby is getting back on his feet!

    Happy Anniversary! and have a great week!!

    1. Hi Enid,

      We are getting there! Thanks for your kindness.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Glad that your husband is getting better. Baby steps are good. :)

    Take care, Janie