Thursday, July 28, 2016

One Day In My Life

Today I am going to take you along for the ride as I go through my day. I have not done that in a while. Not every day is the same around here depending on what needs to be done. But I wake up refreshed every morning to enjoy another beautiful day. The sun is shining but it is humid again.

This morning I took my usual navy shower as I go along my path vowing to use up the 85 bars of soap that we have stockpiled. After I dressed in my 12 year old shorts, 20 year old shirt, and 10 year old sneakers,  I used the water that I caught in a bucket while the shower was heating up to water my hanging baskets outdoors. Then I retrieved Hubby's newspaper which he enjoys with his glass of iced tap water. Hubby left to go to the lab for his blood draws.

After I made my one cup of coffee, I settled down to a half hour of computer time to start this post and check my e-mail. When Hubby came home, I made breakfast which was berries, egg beaters and 1/2 bagel, lightly buttered. Hubby and I decided to get some fresh air and eat outside on the patio. 

It was so nice out that after we did the dishes, we went back outside. Hubby read his paper and I went through my follow up folder making some phone calls that were necessary. 

One of those calls was to my internet and cable provider. While Hubby was in the hospital, they upped my bill by $15.00 to $156.+ taxes a month saying my deal was over.  After speaking to two representatives and 30 minutes on the telephone, they have reduced my cost to $ 138.37 including taxes a month. That is $ 3.15 less a month than I was paying prior to the increase. I also got them to credit me for the increase that had already been paid for this past month. It pays to make those telephone calls.

Then it was time to do some prep work for dinner tonight. I needed to cut up some peppers and onions to make stir fry using leftover pork tenderloin. I also cut up the pork loin and will add some chunked pineapple when I make dinner.

Next I spent some time in the basement defrosting my freezer again. It is a chest freezer and seems to grow ice since it is not a frost free one. So I use a bucket to catch the ice that I blow dry off of the walls. Then I clean and dry all of the inside surfaces.  I want everything clean and organized for the fall and winter. After doing the organizing, I realized that I have almost enough meat, poultry and fish to last us 6 months. I have enough fruit and vegetables to last us 3 months or more. I also have a stockpile of unsalted butter and sugar free cool whip that will last us for months. Hubby loves the cool whip on his SF jello as a dessert. 

Cleaning and deicing the freezer took me about 35 minutes. After I put all of the food back, I made 100% sure that the freezer was plugged back in and running. Look how nice it looks now. My son will be thrilled that I found 2 more pounds of regular bacon for he and his family. 

Now that I have accomplished that, I can go through the stockpile shelves in the basement tomorrow and pull out all of the things Hubby can't have. Then I will give them to my best friend.  

Next it was time for lunch. Hubby had already eaten so I made myself a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. 

After I did the lunch dishes I went out on the patio to read for a while. I fell asleep for about an hour. While I was doing that Hubby was cleaning the garage and transporting our wood pile(via his riding lawnmower with his cart attachment) for the outside fireplace  from the garage to the shed. It is much closer to the fireplace now. We will be using that fireplace alot as soon as September arrives.

Next it was time to throw a load of wash in the HE using cold water. Then I hung it to dry.

Hubby then wanted to go for as short walk which we did. We chatted with one of our neighbors for a while.

When I got home, I organized every thing that I need to go to a medical appointment tomorrow and to run some errands near where I am going. I always like to  make my gasoline do double duty. 

Hubby wanted to watch some TV but the remote was acting up. So I checked my stash for some new batteries and he put those in. That was the problem.

Mid afternoon, a representative from a company that installs Gutter Helmets came out to give us an estimate. Hubby had called them because he no longer wants to get on a ladder to clean out our gutters. He has done a lot of research and believes this product is the best although I believe it is majorly expensive. So we are going to think on it for a day or two and then make a decision.

After the rep left we sat outside in our front sitting area and enjoyed a glass of sugar free lemon iced tea until it was time for me to cook dinner. Summer will be over with before we know it. Our winters are long here so we want to enjoy our property and the fresh air while we can.

We had our stir fry over rice for dinner. It was very yummy and healthy. Hubby has always loved stir fry. The trick for me was making a low sodium sauce.  

Tonight, Hubby and I are going to pick out a movie to watch on Netflix. Then at 9PM we will read until lights out at 10PM.

That was my busy and unexciting day. How was your day? Do anything frugal?


  1. Sounds like a busy but frugal day! Glad your hubby is doing well.
    You cracked me up with the 20 year old shirt and 12 year old shorts. :D I have gained weight over the past 20 years, so my old clothes wouldn't fit me.
    Hope you have a great week and weekend.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for the nice comment about Hubby. He is almost back to where he was before he got sick. You have a great weekend too.

  3. Glad to hear your husband is feeling better. Do you happen to have a recipe for the low sodium sauce? My husband is also on a low sodium diet.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I used homemade chicken stock, some five spice powder, a splash of pineapple juice and a little ginger. I don't measure anything. I just mixed it up in a bowl and tested to get the right flavor for us. HTH!

  4. Sounds like a simply lovely day. I so enjoy your blog and am glad your hubby is well on the road to recovery. My husband and I are ony a few years away from retirement and can't wait to enjoy our days together. I usually read your blog while I'm at work and it brightens my day. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Shelly,

      Thanks for your kindness. I like to get my blog posted in the morning but that just didn't work out these last few days. I have been busy taking Hubby to appointments and it was my turn today. But hopefully I will be back on track on Monday.

  5. Glad to read your hubby is doing better.:) Enjoy the weekend, Janie