Thursday, July 21, 2016

Stockpiling For The Winter

This time of the year I love making things like strawberry jam and putting up berries and other fruits in the freezer or canning them. With Hubby being ill this year, I haven't had much time to do that so far. I am hoping to be able to get some of it done in the next couple of weeks. 

We are now eating everything fresh nothing canned. Hubby can't have processed foods and most cans have way too much sodium. So it will be up to me to get some vegetables and fruits put up for the winter or we will have to pay exorbitant prices for fresh off season.

The only other food stockpile that I will have this winter will be meats, poultry and fish. We have a pretty good supply started.

Everything else that is being stockpiled are household goods which consist of personal care, cleaning, and paper products. When I see a great buy on toilet paper, I get many rolls. When I see a great buy on vinegar, I buy gallons because I use it to clean with. When I see a rock bottom price on shampoo, I buy 10 bottles.

All of this is done not only to save money on the products but to save money on gasoline and my time by purchasing in bulk. If I see a great find online with free shipping all the better because I don't have to use my gasoline.

So when I found a great buy at Staples last week on Kleenex, I purchased 40 boxes. We were down to 4 boxes. We use handkerchiefs most of the time but when we get nasty winter colds, we use Kleenex. We also keep it in the guest bathroom and guest bedrooms for company to use. I paid $ 7.99 for each 10 pack and the shipping was free. I can't find it that cheap locally. We are now stocked for the winter and I can cross Kleenex off my list.

I am always on the lookout for a great bargain on all of the things on my stockpiling list. As I see them I order them in quantity or pick them up locally. Hopefully, I will have all of my stockpiling done soon and I can also spend my time concentrating on putting up fruits and veggies.

Then I won't stockpile again until Thanksgiving when, hopefully, turkeys will be cheap.

Are any of you putting up fruits and vegetables for the winter? Have you put up any strawberries or made jam? 


  1. That's a good buy on our tissues. You know how children get colds in the winter, we also use plenty of tissues.
    I'm not canning. Husband has a small garden but we are pretty much just eating it as he picks it. Maybe next year it will be a bigger garden.
    Can your husband have frozen fruit and vegs? I find they can be much more reasonable prices than fresh out of season.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Yes, he can have frozen fruits and veggies as long as there is no sauce, salt or phosphorus. I will rely on those if the price is right and I don't get enough put up.

  2. My garden is coming into full swing now. I planted it on June 15, and the corn is starting to tassel and the beans are blooming, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, melons and tomatoes are doing well too!
    I plan on giving some to friends and family, but will freeze the rest...My beloved loves to can and make jam, so he has canned cherries and apricots...and made peach, strawberry, blackberry, plum and apricot jam....we feel blessed with the abundance of homegrown produce...
    I am glad your hubby is doing well, and that you can enjoy a normal kind of routine, after all he and you have been through.

    1. Hi Enid,

      I am so jealous of your garden.But so happy that youy will enjoy all of those wonderful fruits and veggies.

      I love that your beloved loves to make jam. Mine loves to eat my SF jam but he has never offered to make it. You are very lucky!

      Thanks for the good wishes for Hubby. Each day he gets stronger.

  3. That is a great deal on the Kleenex. I found Puff brand tissues marked down for half price and got 4 boxes of those since that is the brand my DIL prefers and they are usually quite spendy. :)

    I have not done any canning yet but I hope to can lots of beans this year when they all come on. I have made a batch on raspberry gin and am working on my second batch now.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Nice deal on Puffs. The raspberry gin sounds interesting.