Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Things are Changing in Our Home

With Hubby now home from the hospital, many things are changing in our home. We are having an assessment done of how we can make it more elderly friendly. My son is scoping out companies that can do some installations for us. After Hubby spending 21 days in the hospital, it is going to take him about 4 times that many days for him to get his strength back to normal for him. He is walking slowly with the assistance of a cane. This is just a short term assist. He is actually doing pretty well.

As I told you yesterday, we have a ton of lab and doctor appointments this week and next. Then, hopefully, things will get back to normal.

Hubby is now on a renal friendly, diabetic diet. So basically low sodium, low potassium and low sugar diet. I have decided to eat what he eats rather than make two separate meals three times a day. 

I have so much food to clean out of our pantries and freezers that we no longer need. Some is being thrown away, some given to family and neighbors, and the rest to the food pantry. Doing all of this is very time consuming. I have one pantry done and the refrigerator/ freezer combination done. I have a pantry in the kitchen, freezer and stockpile in the basement to do yet. I am trying my best to fit it in after I take care of Hubby's needs each day. I have managed to do a small grocery shop and a trip to Niagara Produce(picture) for veggies and fruits and some very lean stew beef. Hubby is craving stew beef so that is on the agenda for tomorrow. I found a recipe that has everything he can eat in it. I just have to pick up some Organic Low Sodium Beef Broth which Wegmans has. 

I also made a trip to Panera Bread this morning after I took Hubby to the lab for bloodwork. Bagels are on his diet and he loves them. Since Panera has a baker's dozen of bagels for $6.99 every Tuesday and I had a gift card, I got them because their bagels are so much better than anyone else's in town. We used 1 and 1/2 for breakfast this morning. I saved two more out for tomorrow and froze the rest to pull out when needed. 
Pictures of our cleaned out refrigerator are up top. Notice the condiments are all gone. They were all tossed. Hubby can have anything in the refrigerator now except the wine coolers which were purchased as a treat for me after a long day at the hospital. I will finish them and then there will be no more. Water, SF iced tea and SF Crystal Light will be our beverages of choice. Hubby can also have some juices. I would rather eat fruit than drink it. 

Tonight we had corn on the cob and 4 oz. hamburgers with a tomato slice for dinner. Hubby had SF jello and SF Cool whip for dessert.  

It's going to be a while before I will be able to get back to a daily post. Hubby needs me more than ever and I have a lot to do to get the food situation to where it should be. I will post when I can and I hope to put up the June Expense Report over the weekend. It should be calmer here with no labs or Dr. appointments for two days. I was so busy when Hubby was in the hospital that I didn't have a chance to enter all of our receipts into our program. I need to do that and then generate a report. So here is hoping....      


  1. I'm glad he is home and I hope the appointments slow down too.
    If you've got food on hand that you can eat, then cleaning out your stockpile is not a rush. You be sure to rest when you can and not overdo. ❤️

    I agree about Panera having delicious bagels

  2. So glad that your husband is home and doing well. Hope he feels stronger each day. Hope the diet goes well. I think it would be easier to change diets in the summer when there are so many fresh fruits and veggies, so I hope he won't feel too deprived. Don't worry about posting, take care of yourself and your hubby. Sending hugs and prayers.

  3. I just found your blog and am praying for you and your husband.

  4. Hi AD this is Chris. It looks like you and hubby went through a lot last year. I went through a lot also, but am better now. We were so thankful to have the money in our Health Savings Account, it meant finances were something I didn't have to worry about. I hope all of your readers who have these accounts will consider maxing them out every year like we do.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I am sorry to hear that you had a rough year too. I hope you are doing better.

      Anyone who is working should have an HSA.