Monday, July 4, 2016

Update on Hubby

Hubby is being discharged in a few hours after spending 21 days in the hospital. I want to thank everyone who prayed for him. I know it is the reason he recovered.

We will be very busy the next two weeks. He has a ton of lab appointments and doctor appointments this week and next.

His diet is drastically changed. In the few hours that I have had every day, I have been cleaning out all of the food that he can no longer have. Open items got thrown away and other items are being taken to the food bank. Rather than cook 2 different meals three times a day, I have decided to follow his diet. It can't hurt me and will be much healthier.

So I have made up a grocery list with the foods he can have on it and I will be shopping to get those items in the next few days also. I will blog more about our new food regimen soon. It will be more expensive but necessary. 

Oh also, Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy your holiday and stay safe. 



  1. It is wonderful to hear that you will have your hubby home!
    You two will continue to be in my prayers......

    Change can be difficult, but when necessary, it's amazing how fast we can adapt to it....

    Looking forward to your posts on your new regimen.

  2. So glad your husband will be coming home! Definitely a 4th of July to celebrate! Hope he feels better and sronger each day.

  3. Glad your hubby is coming home.

    Good luck, and best wishes, Janie

  4. Great news that he is coming home! Best wishes on the dietary changes. It can be hard, but having a healthy hubby will be worth it.

  5. Very good news! 21 days is a long time to be hospitalized.

  6. Thanks so much to everyone who has good wishes and prayers for Hubby! It meant so much to both of us.