Monday, August 8, 2016

Fun with the Family

We have had a terrific weekend. My granddaughter and son arrived on Friday evening for a late dinner. We let my granddaughter stay up a little late so that we could chat.

On Saturday morning my other son, DIL, and grandson arrived. We all left to go to:

 Martin's Fantasy Island Amusement Park   

This place was not cheap especially since both grands are over 48 inches tall. For all seven of us admission was a little over $169. including tax and that was only because we had an AAA discount. It would have been much more including tax. However that said, it was worth every penny just being able to watch everyone have such a great time. The kids and grands went on many of the rides including the large roller coaster, tilt a whirl, merry go round(Grandma's speed),crazy mouse and many others. After enjoying the rides for a time, we got lunch for all of us at Boppers. Then it was back to the rides. Hubby really enjoyed using his scooter and being able to watch the grands have so much fun. He was our resident photographer. I have many pictures that I could show you but one of my kids never wants his child's picture put on the internet. So we abide by his wish.

We old folks were hot and tired by 3:30pm so we went home and the kids took the grands to the water park when we left. But before we did we took the grands to the gift shop to let them pick some things out that we purchased.

When they finally arrived home for dinner, Hubby grilled rib eye steak burgers outside while I made French Fries and tossed salads for all. Then we surprised my granddaughter with her belated birthday cake. She loved every minute of it. There was one piece of the ice cream cake left after our dinner. She happily ate it last night after dinner.

It was a fun day for everyone with lots of smiles, laughter, and good conversation. Hubby and I immensely enjoyed all of it.

Then yesterday after my son left to go home, we enjoyed chatting with our granddaughter. For lunch I took her to our local yogurt place for frozen yogurt topped with strawberries which was delicious. Then we went to Gamestop where she picked out 4 games that she wanted. The rest of the day was spent being outside enjoying the cooler, dryer, air that came in for the weekend. After a spaghetti dinner that my granddaughter chose, it was chill time and game time for her until bed time.

Today, we are having a pajama day(except Grandma has to go to a Doctor's appointment later) and movie marathon. Zootopia, Goosebumps, and some other movies are on the agenda. We will all enjoy the down time since we have such a busy week.

Frugality made it possible for us to spend a fortune this weekend on the amusement park, eating lunch out, gifts, games and yogurt for the grands and our kids. If we hadn't lived frugally for years and saved for an early retirement, we wouldn't have the cash to lay out for things like this. All of this time with our children is worth so much more than money! The weekend we have had was priceless.

Every time I think about spending money on a fast food trip or coffee out, I realize how much further that money could go to have weekends and weeks like this. That is why we stay extremely frugal. It's so worth it. 

Of course there are many ways to enjoy our kids and grands without spending a lot of money. I wrote about them in a prior post: 

Fun Things To Do On The Cheap 

We will do some of that this week but it is nice that we have the ability to spend on the grands when we want to. We are also thankful that we are healthy enough to enjoy outings with them.  


  1. I'm so glad you had a fun family time. After your husbands medical ordeal, I know it was especially satisfying.
    Keep having fun with your sweet granddaughter ❤️

  2. Sounds wonderful! So glad you are having a great time, making happy memories!