Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Grocery Shopping Plans This Week

We had an extremely expensive August as you will see when I post the August expense report. So we are trying to cut way back in the next few weeks on every expense. In the next few days our school tax bill will arrive. Rather than have to cash in an investment to pay it, we are trying to pay it out of current income. That means drastically cutting our expenses from now until the end of September when the bill is due.

Since grocery shopping is one of our largest expenses, it is the category that we will cut first. Yesterday I made a trip to Top's for a few things that we needed.

I always like to have sherbert in the house for when we are craving a sweet. We are allowed a scoop with a meal once in a while. Hubby only loves Perry's. Since it was on sale B1G1F this week at $ 5.99 for 2, I picked up 4 containers. Four will last us about 3 months.

Sugar free Jello and puddings were on sale 5 for $ 4.00 and a $ 1.00 each. So I picked up 10 of each. 

The gallon of milk was $ 1.79 with Top's coupon and  a $ 1.00 printable coupon so $ .79 OOP. The 18 count eggs were $ .99 with Top's coupon.

As I am working on organizing the basement, I realized that I only had 1 laundry detergent left. So I purchased two Oxy Clean 60 oz. for $ 1.99 after $ 3.00 off coupon. I know that you can get it cheaper at Walgreens this week but my store is a hike so it wasn't worth the gas or my time.

I have an Aldi's trip planned for tommorrow morning to pick up chicken wings at $ 1.49 lb. since football season is upon us and a few other necessities. But that will be it for this week.

I know we could not have purchased the sherbert because it was not a necessity. However, I find if we drastically cut back, then we end up spending more when a craving hits. So I purchased it while it was on a rock bottom price. Perry's ice cream goes on sale once in a while but they usually do not include the sherbert. So I was happy to see that it was this time.

I made our spaghetti and meatballs last night. This is my plate. Any kind of tomato sauce does not set well with me so I try to avoid it as much as I can. It is one of Hubby's favorites so I just butter my spaghetti and add parmesan cheese and hope that the little bit of sauce on the meatballs doesn't bother me.


  1. great deals! Sherbert is so refreshing. Hope the spaghetti sauce didn't hurt you last night.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      The little bit of spaghetti sauce didn't hurt but anymore than that and I would have been in pain all night. Thanks for caring.