Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Expense Report

Our expense report for July shows every penny we spent. If there is a category you don't see, it is explained  here .

Netflix                $  7.99

Cable.Int.Tel.    156.62             

Gas&Electric       93.78

Guardian            30.90          Alarm Sys. Mont.

Groceries          683.44

House.Goods   1550.53

Rest.&Takeout     44.70

Gasoline             62.54

Garage Parking     5.00

Weed Wack.        15.00

Personal Care    147.00

Liquor&Beer      154.62

Medical             271.12       HealthIns.Drugs, etc.

Clothing              63.88

Gifts                   63.48 

Total Expenses  $3350.60

It was a very spendy month for us. However, if you deduct the $ 1300.00 for Hubby's scooter, we spent $ 2050.60 on everything else. The scooter is an extraordinary expense. One that won't be repeated for a very long time hopefully.

As you can see our cable, internet and telephone went up from $ 141.50 last month. As I explained in a prior post, I finally called them and had it reduced to $ 138.37 retroactive. So next month's bill will be that with a credit applied for the difference for this month.

Groceries were very high because of Hubby's new diet and some meat stockpiling. 

Household Goods included the $ 1300. for the scooter, some office supplies, and Home Depot electrical supplies, potting soil and two flower hangers.

Most of the restaurant cost was take out the first few days of the month when Hubby was still in the hospital. It also included Panera for both of us.

Gasoline charges were much higher than normal because of a few hospital visits and all of Hubby's medical appointments.

The garage parking was for one trip to the hospital. The day I picked him up it was free because it was July 4th.

Our neighbor was only able to weed wack once this month. Normally it would be twice.

Personal care was hair appointments for both of us and some personal care items for Hubby.

Our liquor and beer was high because we needed to replenish our gin, rum, Amaretto DiSaronno and Kahlua. We also purchased a case of Sam Adams Summer Ale. This was all to be prepared for company.  

Medical costs were a lot lower this month because of Hubby's hospitalization. He was permanently taken off many of the drugs he had been on. We have not see the hospital bills or doctor bills yet so I suspect these will make up the low cost next month.

Clothing was a pair of shorts for Hubby and bras for me.

Gifts were items for the baby basket.

Even though we purchased the scooter this month, we were still able to invest $3900. That brings our total invested since January 1, 2016 to $ 32,400. I believe we are still on track to save at least $50,000. this year.

So how are all of you doing paying off debt or building your nest egg? Are you still doing the best you can on your yearly goals?

I really hope that you are all managing your money the best you can especially those who are nearing retirement in a few years. It will be worth it when you finally do retire.


  1. Still a very reasonable month, even with the purchase of your husband's scooter
    and special foods for his new diet! And look at how much you were able to invest!! Amazing!

    I am slowly plodding along paying down 5 figures of student loan debt. I re-trained for a new career in my early 40's and am still burdened by this debt. I paid over $2300 towards it this month. My goal is to have it gone in the next 10 months. Imagine how fast my retirement next egg will grow once I can start socking away that kind of money each month.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Thanks. Ten months to pay off student loan debt is wonderful. I am cheering you on! If you invest that money when you start putting it towards retirement, it will grow very nicely.

  2. Great job investing! That is awesome! Hope that your husband is enjoying the scooter and that he has been able to go on more family outings. Is the scooter difficult to transport?
    I really need to rework our budget. We aren't saving as much as I had hoped. Spent more than I planned on vacation, so I really need to do better this month.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks. He will be very soon. The scooter breaks down into 4 pieces that I am able to lift. It fits in the trunk of a car or in the back of our SUV.

      I try to do better each month but it isn't easy.