Thursday, August 4, 2016

Keeping A Nine Year Old Entertained

Once upon a time I could easily keep a nine year old entertained. But it has been many years since my boys were nine. So I have been thinking about all of the things I can do with my granddaughter while she visits.

Of course we will be doing some expensive things but we love spoiling our grandchildren so that is always in the budget. However, we also want to do some inexpensive things too. So as I have been doing some cleaning this week, I was doing double duty by thinking about all of the ways that we could entertain her frugally.

The expensive things will be spending a day at an amusement park that also has a water park and a day of back to school shopping for clothes and shoes. We may also go to an animal park.

The frugal things will be:

- Going to the library at the beginning of her visit to get some books out for her to read. She is a voracious reader. 

- Going to the park.

- Making cookies to take home to Mom and Dad just before she goes home.

- Playing cards or board games. 

- Running through our sprinklers.

- Doing a pajama and movie day at home. Making a snack for the movie watching.

- Go bowling on a $1.50 a game day.

- Bowling on the Wii with Grandma and Grandpa.

- Doing other kid games on the Wii.

- Writing Mom and Dad an e-mail  each day telling them what she did.

- Go for a walk.

- Fly a kite.

- Going to the frozen yogurt place.

- Doing a craft project.

- Just letting her play with the toys she brings with her or any that I have here.

- Having a belated family birthday party for her. Just ice cream and cake and perhaps a dollar store balloon or two. 

- Enjoying a few picnics on the patio.

- Roasting marshmallows in the fireplace outside one night or more.

That was all I could come up with. So I need your help to think of some more frugal entertainment. Can you help this Granny out by leaving a comment and adding to my ideas?     


  1. Water balloons and sidewalk chalk are always fun. I usually pick them up at Dollar Tree.

  2. I love all your ideas. Here are a few more: Pens, paper, scissors, glue and tape will provide endless hours of entertainment for her. Scraps of printed paper or old greeting cards for her to cut up and play with, or even for her to make her own greeting cards, would be a great craft idea. Also, if you have an unused cell phone with a camera, you could encourage her to take photos of her visit, of the things that interest her. Making cookies is always a great activity, especially ones you can frost. Finally, time in nature with people who adore her will always be time well spent. Enjoy your granddaughter's visit!

  3. Sounds like she is going to have a wonderful time!!! Lots of happy memories!!!
    Don't know if you have a sidewalk, but my kids used to love making designs with chalk. Does she still like coloring books? There are even adult coloring books these days. Bubbles are fun too.
    When my son was in scouts, he used to like making silver turtles(ground beef, potatoes, carrots etc) cooked on the grill. Or how about banana boats (bananas with a slit stuffed with chocolate, pb, marshmallow etc) wrapped in foil over the grill until melty. Or smores to go with the roasted marshmallows.
    Catch lightening bugs. Stay up late and watch the meteor shower Aug 11-13 peak of 100-200 shooting stars per hour.

  4. Hi Wendi,

    Thanks. I have both chalk and water balloons in my garage cupboard that I forgot about.

  5. Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for all of yourideas. I especially like the greeting card one.

  6. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks.I do have chalk and bubbles. I will be using those recipes. Yummy! I didnt know about the shooting stars. She would love that since she studiedthe solar systemthis pastyear.Thanks for giving me the dates.

  7. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog and I am so happy your hubby is doing better. It sounds like you have lots of fun things lined up to do with your granddaughter. I also have a 9-year-old granddaughter and here are some things she enjoys: manicures/pedicures, I Spy books (she especially likes it when we look for things on the pages together), quick homemade ice cream, water colors, jigsaw puzzles (100 piece from the thrift store), crafts from paper towel/toilet paper rolls (check on internet-the ideas will amaze you), making puppy chow, homemade lemonade (letting her squeeze the lemons),nutritious popsicles and one time we bought a gold fish and a small bowl. Enjoy your time together! MeginKS

  8. Hi Megin,

    Thanks so much for your good wishes for Hubby! I am loving your ideas. I do know that she loves manicures so I will drag put my polish. I can make ice cream in my Vitamix and she would probably love to help me and eat it. I also have popsicle molds that I just dug out when I read your comment. Thanks so much!

  9. Really good list of yours and nice suggestions too.
    My oldest grand is 7. He is into making rubber band bracelets. The 7 and 6 year olds are crazy about Perler bead projects. Both of those come in kits or by the piece at any craft department.
    Have fun! I expect she will mostly enjoy chatting and 1 on 1 time with her grandparents.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Those sound like fun. Thank you for suggesting them.

      It's funny you should mention chatting. When we talk on the phone, it is like talking to my best friend. We will be doing a lot of that.