Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Extreme Frugality Day

While Hubby was out to the blood lab, I took my navy shower after using my 11 year electric razor to shave my legs. I washed my hair once with a quarter sized dab of $.99 Suave shampoo and brushed and flossed my teeth with free toothpaste and floss from the dentist. Then I blow dryed my hair using a large round brush as quickly as I could to save on electricity. I got dressed in my 12 year old shorts and an 18 year old top and my free sneakers( Thanks Sis). My sister bought herself a pair many years ago while visiting me in AZ. They were B1G1F and she gave me the free pair. 

Breakfast was homemade banana bread with a light spread of cream cheese, 1 cup of coffee, and a full glass of water so that I could take a couple of pills and vitamins. I grabbed a fly swatter and got the pesky fly that got in the house when Hubby went out to the lab this morning. It was annoying me while I was hand washing our couple of dishes from breakfast. Needless to say he is not annoying me anymore.  

Then I took a marinated sirloin pork roast out of the freezer to thaw. I decided what sides I was going to make with it and decided that I needed to do no prep work this morning for those.

I opened the new bottle of Vitamin D that arrived from Amazon yesterday and put it in Hubby's drug container. It was a bargain - 250 gelcaps for $ 7.99.

It is a very sunny day today so I opened the shades and blinds on windows that have no sun on them. I will follow the sun around the house all day opening some and closing others. This makes a big difference in our A/C bill. 

Next I went out and read our electric and gas meters on the side of the house. The meter man will be reading today. I read on the month that he reads because he has made mistakes. If this happens, I have the readings to have the electric company change my bill. I will be starting a new utility challenge today after he reads but I will post more about that soon.

On my way to the meters via the garage, I turned off the sprinkler system. It was set to water today and we had a storm from 2-3AM last night that gave us some rain. So we won't water again until Friday. 

However I did water my two hanging flower baskets that don't get watered with either the sprinkler system or the rain because they are mostly under the porch roof. I used the water caught in a bucket while the shower was warming up this morning. 

Then it was my computer time where I checked and responded to my e-mail. I also started this post and continued some research on a laser printer. We have a color one now and the 4 toner cartridges cost us anywhere from $140.- $ 155. for replacements. It also eats ink. So we have decided to go with a black and white highly rated Brother printer. The printer is $ 89.99 and will pay for itself pretty quickly because I can buy replacement toner cartridges for $ 11.63 each for 2600 pages.  I need to do some research on a new keyboard too. The space bar only works on mine when it feels like it. It is driving me crazy while I am typing this. It started doing this a week ago.

Next I cleaned the kitchen and damp mopped the hardwood floor. I use this mop to first dust the floor and then damp mop it. Because they are hardwood floors, I use very little water. So I dampen the pad and ring it out until it is almost dry. That way the floor dries in a couple of minutes. I do this weekly. Then Hubby steams them with a cleaner when he  uses our steam machine about every 6 weeks.

After throwing a load of sheets in the HE washer using cold water and the express cycle, I ate a fresh local plum for my mid morning snack while Hubby had some red grapes. Then I hung the sheets to dry.

I made up our bed and one guest room bed with new sheets. The other guest room bed will have to be done after the sheets in the washer are dry. I only have one set of sheets for that bed.

Then I made a list of the fruits that I need to buy for a watermelon basket that I am making for a party on Saturday. I checked all of my flyers to see who had the best prices. I marked my list with the prices and  what store they are at. Then I packed the flyers and list in my bag. I will do that shopping tomorrow by price matching at my Super Walmart. One trip instead of trips to 4 stores.

I cleaned up my greeting card box,made sure it was organized, and added the cards I bought yesterday to it. I should not have to buy any cards until the end of 2017.  

Then it was time to make lunch. We each had some cheese on triscuits and some local cherries.

After lunch, I made up the last bed and folded the other sheets and put them away.

Hubby and I decided to watch some of the Olympics, specifically the volleyball. It's cheap entertainment.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon reading my Redbook (free subscription) that came a few days ago. 

Then it was time to make an early dinner because we were both hungry. I  peeled some potatoes to make mashed potatoes. I cooked some  fresh broccoli and I prepared the sirloin pork loin for the pressure cooker by searing all sides. We had leftover SF orange jello with SF whip cream for dessert.  Dinner was delicious and there are lots of leftovers for tomorrow night. That is what I like. Cook once;eat twice.

After I do the dinner dishes, I plan on just relaxing tonight. There will be a little computer time to finish this post and then some TV time until bedtime.

I feel satisfied that I had a very productive day and also got some relaxation. I hope you all did too.

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