Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Bargain Of The Day

Top's has a great bargain this week especially if you are stocking up for school lunches. Thanks to my friend, Christina, over at WNY Deals and To Dos .

I bought 12 Horizon Organic Vanilla Single Serve Milks on sale for $ 1.00 each. I used a $ 2.00 off $ 10.00 organic Tops Store coupon found here on page 6 printable version 4 $ 1.00 off 3 coupons , along with 4 Top's Doubler coupons found in the flyer this week(you must have a $ 20. order). The final costs is $ 2.00 or just $ .17 each. Then you can get a free
Scholastic Book .

I bought 12 yesterday but I will be stocking up on more this week. Some will be going home with my granddaughter for her school lunches. Since they are shelf stable, I will stock on some for us to enjoy on our cereal.


  1. Shelf stable milk is so handy to keep in the pantry and has saved me many trips to the store for"just milk"
    I get quarts at Dollar Tree.