Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Poor Planning and I am Guilty!

I was so looking forward to a day at home this week and not having to go anywhere. You see, Hubby and I had medical appointments yesterday and Monday and we have more tomorrow and Friday. So I was really looking forward to a stay at home Wednesday.

But because of my poor planning, I had to go to Dollar Tree. I always buy a years worth of greeting cards once a year. But when I went to get out an anniversary card for my sister and BIL(whom I love dearly), I had none. Their anniversary is on the 21st and I planned on mailing it today.

I had two options. I could make them a card or I could go to Dollar Tree which is about 6 miles by car and get one. I love to buy them there because they have really lovely cards that are 2 for $ 1.00. Since I had no card stock(poor planning #2), I decided to go to Dollar Tree. 

But before I made the trip, I went through my greeting card box and took stock of what I had. I also wrote down every special day that I needed a card for until the end of 2017. I also checked my stock of miscellaneous cards like, thank you, friendship, and sympathy cards, etc. 

While I was out at Dollar Tree I picked up a few things that I knew we would need in the next month  that I was low on - foil, Scotch tape, and spaghetti. I love getting 24 oz. spaghetti for $ 1.00.

It only took me a few minutes to go and run this errand but I was very aggravated with myself for not planning my 2016 card trip properly and missing cards that I needed. Have you ever done this and been annoyed with yourself?

But it isn't just the cards that annoyed me, it's the fact that I seem to repeat this over and over again. Because of this I waste gasoline and time.  I try so hard to be an organized person. Why is it that my home is always neat and organized but other areas of my life aren't?

So many times I have had to run out to do just one errand because I didn't plan ahead. All of a sudden something like running out of Vitamin D or B12 takes me by surprise. Or I go to make bread or a dessert and I am lacking one ingredient. Plus it never fails that I pick up a prescription and when I get home Hubby calls in two more that have to be picked up the next day.

I now have the vitamins pretty much under control by ordering them from Amazon because I know the price is right and that I will have them in 2 days. But I never seem to get the other things under control. 

I not only hate to run just one errand because it is a waste of my gas and time but because it tempts me to buy other things and that is how my spending creeps up. Have any of you gone to the store for a gallon of milk and come home with $ 40. or more in other items? I have no matter how much I plan. 

If I want to lower my spending and save my time to do other things that will save me money instead of spending it, I need to be more mindful and plan ahead. So I will try to be more mindful of how and for what I am running my errands, buy ahead, and perhaps go back to errand day once a week unless I am driving for a medical appointment. I think I am also going to try to get Hubby's and my prescriptions coordinated.

Do any of you struggle with these things? Do you have any tips that you could share with me and everyone else? If so please share with us via a comment.


  1. I can relate. I struggle with organization so much! I am trying to do better by keeping lists of what I need to get at specific stores (on my phone so I don't forget my list!) but it's still a struggle for me.

    1. I never thought to keep a running list on my cellphone. Thanks for the tip.

    2. too many times of making a detailed list and leaving it at home. my teen daughter asked me why I just didn't put the list on my phone. It was a great suggestion and is working my better :)

  2. I too keep a running list of things I need. Mine are on the refrigerator since it is also near the phone and the bulletin board that has our calendar on it. I just down items as I run low on them or if I can see that I have something coming up that I will need certain items for.

    1. I do that for grocery items but I guess I should do it for everything.

  3. Do be kind to yourself. These things happen to everyone. Nobody can remember it all or foresee the future. My new motto this year is,to give myself a break, so you know I pressure myself too!