Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Preparing for Company

Our granddaughter is coming to visit for about 10 days. We are so very excited!  She has never stayed overnight anywhere before without her parents. My son will bring her out this Friday and he will stay the weekend. Then my DIL will come back out and stay the next weekend and go home on Sunday. This was all my granddaughter's idea.

So we have been planning a few things to keep her busy. A huge amusement park is going to be the crowning jewel. We are also going to surprise her with cake and ice cream and a belated birthday party. We missed her party and she was very upset that Grandpa was in the hospital and wanted to wait for her gifts until we could get out there. With all of his appointments that will not be happening anytime soon. So she has been planning this visit. She finally opened her gifts from us about a week after her birthday because we insisted.

We will also do a lot of things around here with her. She loves P.J. days and movie marathons too we will save that for a rainy day.

My DIL sent me a list of things that she will eat and things that she can't have because she has a dental appliance. So this morning, I did some grocery shopping to fill in the gaps for her and some things we needed too. I plan on making a large fruit and veggie run on Friday, the day she is arriving.

After making large chicken Caesar salads for dinner last night, we were out of lettuce. The strawberries  and blueberries were B1G1F and we eat them on oatmeal for breakfast or as snack during the day. I will get more the day she comes. We were on our last cup of milk.

My granddaughter only drinks Almond milk($2.00) and loves key lime pie yogurt($ .24 each) . The creamer is for my son and DIL.  They are also going to get Pillsbury toaster strudel($.67 each) as a treat for breakfast a morning or two. The nutrigrain bars($1.88) are her favorite for snacks. She also eats her sandwiches on the sandwich thins($1.89).

Hubby who no longer drinks soda is drinking one seltzer a day now. So the Polar vanilla orange that he loves was on sale 2- 12 packs for $ 5.00. The horseradish he loves with roast beef. 

The sherbert was on sale 3 for $ 11.00 so I got some for my son, DIL, and granddaughter. We can have a scoop after dinner sometimes too.

And what can I say " You can never have enough eggs($1.00) for breakfast." I do have egg beaters for Hubby and uncured bacon for all of us.

This was not all I bought. I made one other purchase but I will do a post about that tomorrow.

All of the prices that I showed you is what I paid after sale prices and coupons.

Hubby is outside doing a very good trim of all of our bushes and trees. He is preparing for the landscape service who we have hired to come and rip some old bulbs out and do 15 more plantings and mulching for us on the north and south side of our home. We have also hired them to come monthly and maintain all of our landscaping- weeding, minimal trimming, weeding, dead heading, etc. So since I am going to pick up all that he has trimmed off, I better get my gloves and get moving.            


  1. So exciting! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your grand daughter! How sweet that she wants to spend time with you, and what wonderful memories that you will make together.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks! I am so looking forward to Friday.