Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Six Frugal Things

1. Last night I cooked up a bag of frozen beef ravioli that I had purchased because my granddaughter likes them. They never got cooked for a meal while she was here. They are not something that we usually eat but rather than waste them, I cooked the entire bag last night for dinner. What you are looking at are the leftovers which is more than plenty for tonight's dinner. So I will reheat them in the microwave for dinner tonight. There may even be some left for a lunch this week. I also have leftover bread that I will make homemade garlic bread from to go with it. Last night I also cooked some fresh green beans for a side and we will finish them tonight.

2. Remember the post where I talked about getting my cable company to lower my yearly bill from $ 156.62 to $ 138.37 a month. Well, we got a new bill and they are still charging us $ 156.62. So I called them this morning and they tried to tell me that the credit of $ 18.25+ tax for the first month would generate on the next bill and they bill would also be down to $ 138.37. I told the rep that the credit was supposed to be generated for the second bill and that bill should have been $138.37. After making him understand, he issued another credit for the second bill of $ 18.25+ tax. So I will follow up to make sure that the next bill is $138.37 minus the credits of $ 37.17 including tax. It always pays to look closely at your bills and make sure that what you have been promised comes to fruition. All it took was a 10 minute telephone call.

3. I also called my secondary healthcare provider this morning to get help with a bill that a medical supplier keeps sending me that I do not owe for $ 472.00. They told me not to pay it; that they always pay these bills in full and that it is paid in full. They are taking care of it with the supplier. This is not the first time this company has billed me for supplies that were already paid for. It's a good thing to keep your bills and medical statements going back a few years. These bills were for supplies back in 2015. All it took again was a telephone call.

4. I had purchased a container of Earthbound Farms greens that were marked down by $ 1.00 for quick sale. They got shoved to the back of the fridge and I forgot about them. I took them out today to make a salad for lunch which I did. The greens are starting to get old so I did what I always do not to waste produce. I put them in the freezer and when they are frozen I will put them in a few bags to use in my smoothies. 

5. I made a small loaf of banana bread in my toaster oven this morning. I only had 3 small bananas so it is not our usual large loaf. I used Splenda instead of sugar. This will be for breakfasts and snacks the next couple of days. 

6.  I have to make Hubby's salad dressings now because store bought have too much sodium. So I made Balsamic Vinagrette in my Vitamix today. 

Besides these things today, I am watching the rain and that makes me so happy since we have been in a drought for months. We have had to use the sprinkler system 3 times a week for months which means we will be getting a hefty quarterly bill in September.

I also refilled the dispenser, that most people put Jet Dry in, in my dishwasher. I don't use expensive store bought Jet Dry, I fill mine with vinegar and that does a beautiful job.  

The rest of my day will be filled with cleaning and some reading. After dinner, we will watch the Olympics until we go to bed.


  1. I have enjoyed watching the Olympics too! I am so not sports person, but I do enjoy the Olympics. :D
    Great job saving money with a few calls. Your banana bread looks good. I want to make some zucchini bread soon. Yum.
    Thanks for the tip about the vinegar instead of the jet dry; I'm going to try it. What is your recipe for balsamic vinagrette?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      The recipe is in my Vitamix Cookbook which is copyrighted. But I would bet you could find it by searching online for the recipe. If it has dijon mustard in it, it's probably close to the one in the book.

    2. I'll check, thanks! Sometimes I just add a spash of balsamic vinegar if I am eating a green salad with mandarin oranges since they provide enough flavor for me.