Friday, August 5, 2016

Why I Never Skip Preparation

Since Hubby and I are eating a ton of fresh vegetables and fruits a week, it is most important to do the prep work when you come home from the market.

I do it for a couple of reasons. I like to have everything cleaned and ready to go when I am making a meal. If carrots or celery need to be peeled and cut into sticks I do it. Then when I need to use them, if they need more chopping, I dice or slice them the morning I use them. I always initially cut them into sticks because we like them plain or as a snack dipped in humus. Cucumbers only need a few minutes to prep in my chopper so I don't do them until the day I use them. I do wash and dry them when I bring them home though. They get too mushy if you cut them too far in advance. 

I put the celery and carrots in a container of cold water and keep them in my crisper. I do the same with radishes. The green container you can just see peeking through under the red one is the celery and carrots. The red container holds the radishes. By doing this, salads are very easy to throw together. My DIL will be making a salad tomorrow night for a family dinner of 7 of us while we grill rib eye steak  burgers and prepare potatoes. She will find it very easy to prepare a big one. 

We are surprising my granddaughter with a belated birthday dinner. She was so upset that we missed her party when Hubby was in the hospital. So she is getting one with all of us here. I picked up her ice cream cake today.

Certain fruits aren't washed until we eat so they don't get mushy, like grapes, cherries, and berries. Others like apples, peaches and pears can be washed and dried and put in the crisper. 

I love the convenience of all of this but the biggest reason I do this is money. Fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive so I don't want to waste a morsel. Nothing goes bad in my crispers. There is no waste!

When we know what we have and where to easily get it, we eat all of it whether it be for meals or for a snack. It also helps us stay on our healthy eating plan.

I just got back from Niagara Produce so I now have overflow on the shelf above the crispers. I picked up a big bag of local cherries, an assortment of lettuces, three tomatoes, broccoli crowns, baby bella mushrooms, and spinach. It will all get used in the next couple of days.

My granddaughter and son will be arriving in time for dinner. We are so excited!  All of you have a wonderful weekend. We are planning a fantastic one.

I will pop in with posts when I get time next week. We will be very busy with our granddaughter. But I will try to make time most likely at night after she goes to bed.  


  1. Thanks for the great tips!
    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your grand daughter, with lots of happy memories.

  2. Have lots of fun with your precious granddaughter!!!

  3. Thanks Teresa. We are having a great time.