Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Birthday Dinner Last Night

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating my handsome Hubby's 70th birthday. Considering that in June and July things looked so bleak that we weren't sure he was going to make it, we were very grateful.

We spent the day quietly at home just happy to be with each other. Then we went out to dinner at our favorite local Italian restaurant, Village Eatery pictured above. It doesn't look like much from the outside but it is rather nice inside and the service is always excellent. But most importantly the food is outstanding. I also love the fact that it is owned by a local family since it's inception in 1979. We like to support local businesses.  

We decided we would also celebrate my birthday since it is in 2 weeks. Hubby is having a back ablation that day so we will not be going out. So we had a double celebration.

But even though we were celebrating and the prices on the entrees went up $2.00 each recently, I still found a way to save a little money. Draft pint beers were a $1.00 off because it was happy hour. However, I noticed on the specials board when we entered that bottled Sam Adams summer ale was only $3.50. I love Sam Adams beer. The beers with the $1.00 off were $ 4.50. So I ordered a Sam Adams but Hubby who loves his Manhattan's once in a while ordered one at $ 7.00. However we both turned down another drink and asked for water to drink with our meal.

They have a special on Tuesday nights which is dinner for two, including an entree choice, soup or salad and homemade bread for $ 24.99 + tax. We found out pretty quickly that Hubby's choice of veal parmigiana and my choice of smothered chicken were not included. So we paid the full menu prices for those. However we will keep in mind that if we want just pasta or one of the other less meat dishes that are included in the deal that we can get that deal any Monday thru Thursday evening.

Our entrees were delicious. But since the portions are huge and we had had Italian bread, me a bowl of soup and Hubby a salad before our entree, we took a little more than half of our entrees home. We wanted to save room for dessert. They will be dinner tomorrow night here at home.

Hubby had gotten a coupon in his e-mail for a free dessert for his birthday. So we ordered a warm fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream smothered in hot fudge sauce with whipped cream and nuts. We asked for two spoons and shared it. We usually order coffee with dessert but we decided to make coffee when we got home.

We were happy to pay our server 16% tip on the total before tax. She was brand new, very inattentive even though she was only waiting our table and one other, and didn't know the answers to any question we asked. She had to keep going to ask the bartender or another waitress. I was surprised that she did not know the specials. However, I did not want to stiff her too badly on the tip because she did get our drinks and meal to us and she is learning. Hopefully she will learn soon quickly. I did pay the bill with my 2% back reward credit card.

But all in all we had a wonderful delicious dinner and a nice birthday celebration. Considering it was a birthday celebration for both of us, we saved some money also by not going out twice. Even if you are going out for a special occasion, it doesn't mean that you can't find a way to shave some dollars off the bill.


  1. Happy Birthday to you both. What a wonderful reminder to always look for the specials and the signs. Praying for your hubby's upcoming procedure to go smoothly and help prevent pain.

  2. Happy belated Birthday to your husband! It sounds like a wonderful meal to celebrae together! So glad that he is doing well, and I hope that his next procedure goes ok.

  3. Happy Birthday to you both. What a great example of incorporating frugality into each experience that involves spending.

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby and Happy Early Birthday to you too! Sometimes it is really nice to be able to go out and celebrate. :) Praying for your hubby's upcoming surgery.