Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 Expense Report

UPDATE:  My household amount seemed low. Sure enough somehow I forgot to enter the purchase of our new printer and a toner cartridge bought at the same time into our tracking program. I have updated the household and total expense figures.    

Our expense report for August shows every penny we spent. If there is a category you don't see, it is explained  here .

This month was the most expensive August that we have ever had. I will explain why at the end.

Medical        $ 1077.39       Dr.,dent.,drugs,hosp.ins.

Pers. Care          60.10       Haircuts, etc.

Rest.&TakeOut   211.92

Gifts                 377.54

Entertainment   377.57      Fun & Newpaper

Groceries          609.04      Food Only

Gasoline           101.22

Household        127.38

Services          1735.98 

Time Warner     156.62       CableTV,Int,Telephone

Guardian            30.90       Alarm Monitoring

Electric&Gas       91.73 

Netflix                 9.99

Total Exp.       4967.88

As you can see it was a very spendy month. Now I will explain the best I can.

$ 634. of the medical was the dentist for 2 cleanings, 2 exams and a filling for Hubby. The rest was for insurance, drug co-pays,and doctor and hospital co-pays.

Personal Care was for haircuts for both of us and a hairspray. 

Restaurant and Take-Out was lunch for 7 of us at Martins Fantasy Land, 7 bottles of water there, a trip to the yogurt place for 2, dinner at a local restaurant for 4, lunch for 3 at the Buffalo Zoo, and 3 takeout meals. It was too hot and I am too old to bring water for 7 of us. So I bit the bullet and bought it.

Gifts were school clothes and gift shop purchases at Martins and the Buffalo Zoo for my grandchildren. We also bought some toys and games at Walmart and Gamestop.

Groceries is nothing but food. It is high but I am working on it. It did include some stockpile meat purchases.

Gasoline was higher than normal for us. But we did a lot of traveling for fun with our family and traveled for many medical appointments.

Entertainment was admission for 7 to Martins Fantasy Land, admission for 3 to the Buffalo Zoo and Hidden Valley Animal Park, and 6 months of the newspaper for Hubby. He loves his newspaper and crossword puzzle every morning.

Household was greeting cards, tape, aluminum foil, a laser printer and toner cartridge.

Time Warner is our cable TV, internet and home telephone. A portion of this bill and last months bill will be credited on our next bill because the billings were in error.

Our electric and natural gas was for A/C, hot water, and cooking. It was a cheap bill comparing it to prior years the same time period. We do whatever it takes to keep these expenses low.

Our alarm monitoring is a necessity to us.

Netflix is entertainment for us. We don't go out to movies. This cost went up $2.00 this month.

Services(renamed some of them) is a new category that you haven't seen before. Most are services that we used to do ourselves for years that we now pay someone to do for us. This month we had some landscaping done, maintenance of all of our gardens done(this will be an ongoing monthly expense in the spring, summer and fall;we paid in a lump sum through October since we shouldn't need service until the spring after that month). They trim bushes, trees, deadhead and weed for us. It's too much for Hubby and I. We love our property and want to maintain it as beautifully as we always have. We also pay our neighbor to weed wack around our gardens when it needs it after Hubby mows. We feel very fortunate that we built our nest egg over the years so that we can afford these services.  I decided these things needed their own category. I want all of you who are saving for retirement and own your home to realize that eventually you may have to pay for services like these. So save and be prepared.

So all and all it was a very spendy month. We had $4000. that we could have invested yesterday. However we have a hefty school tax bill due in September. We have plenty of investment money that it could be paid out of but I always like to see if we can pay it out of current funds. So I am holding the $ 4000. to pay for part of the taxes. Hopefully since we have more income in September, we will have a hefty investment the end of this month.

I am still hopeful that we will reach our $ 50,000. end of the year goal. But we will have to really cut back and pinch every dollar.

I hope as the year progresses that you are all reaching your goals too. Any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. Sounds like an expensive month, but those memories with your grand daughter are priceless and I think worth every penny.
    We are paying more for services now than we used to. My husband used to do all the maintenance and repairs on our cars, but he is having to work so much lately that is is less stressful for him to pay for oil changes and such.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      It was but my grandchildren are worth every penny I spent on them and more. I love spending time with them.

      I hear with you on the services. We have been paying for oil changes and such since Hubby retired over 15 years ago.Sometimes it is more important to have time than money.