Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Christmas is Coming

Just a month or so ago, Christmas seemed like it was a long way off. Now that it is 3 months and 5 days from today, it seems so close. I feel like I am pressed for time to get everything done.

First I will set a budget of how much I want to spend on each person and take into account items that have already been purchased.

Then I will be making lists of what needs to be done. I will look at gifts first by checking my gift closet and seeing what I have for whom. Then I can make a list of what is still needing to be purchased and for whom. I am setting a deadline of November 10th to get all of the gifts purchased and hopefully wrapped. I don't do Black Friday so I like to get finished early. I have also found that prices on many items are actually cheaper now and go up in price later. I am hoping to find those items on sale at either a local store or online sometime soon. 

Next I will make a list of all of the available money  to purchase gifts that is not cash. I will list all of my gift cards and how much they are worth. I will make a tally of all rewards points from credit cards. One is points at Amazon and the other ones are reward cards that I can exchange for cash back or gift cards. I will also take note of how much my big fat check from Ebates will be. 

Then I will check out how much money I have saved during the year from Ebates and mail in rebates, Saving Star cash, cash found on the ground, bottle return deposits, etc. That added to the rewards will give me an idea of how much I have accumulated and whether or not I have to add more cash to it. I am hoping not to have to do that.

I also have to finish the items that I am making soon. A couple are done but I have 2 more to finish. 

We have plenty of decorations so we don't have to buy anything in that category. However that said,my very talented crafty sister made these ornaments while she was away on vacation. I just love the owls. She told me that these were kits that she purchased at Hobby Lobby. I checked mine while I was out running errands yesterday but they didn't have them. I will stop in again over the next few weeks when I have appointments near my Hobby Lobby and see if they get them. I think they would be a cute ornament for my grandchildren.

I will also check my stash for Christmas cards and wrapping paper that I know I have. Then I can wrap as I buy gifts. I can also start writing notes in Christmas cards and get them addressed and stamped. I still have a lot of Christmas stamps that were purchased last year. 

Lastly, I will make lists of the Thanksgiving and Christmas rock bottom food items that I want to purchase for the next year. You know things like turkeys, hams, cranberries, etc. I will also list the baking items that I need to make cookies and other Christmas yummies.

When all of this is done, I will feel like I am organized with a plan. That removes a lot of stress for the holidays.

So if you haven't thought about Christmas yet, now is the time. It will take a lot of last minute stress out of your life too.      


  1. You are so organized! The owls will be so cute for the grandchildren.

    I'm sort of floundering right now, with no ideas for presents.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I am finding it harder and harder as the grandchildren get older to come up with gifts they will like.