Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done In The Past Ten Days

- I made three loaves of homemade pumpkin bread. One for my neighbors who are expecting their first baby in 3 weeks, one to eat, and one to freeze.

- I made two coffee cakes for both of us also.

- I have planned out freezer cooking sessions for a few days next week. It is mostly for my neighbors who are expecting a baby but I will make some for us too. They are big chicken eaters so I planned lots of chicken meals. Chicken breasts are on sale tomorrow at Aldi's for $ 1.49 a lb so I will be getting everything I need there.

- Last Saturday I made two loaves of white herb bread in my bread maker.

- Last Sunday, my son and grandson were here for breakfast and until dinner so we could all watch the Buffalo Bills game together. My son brought breakfast. I made snacks for the game including wings and blue cheese dip, veggies and dill dip, and mini pizzas for the little guy. It was a frugal and fun day.

- I washed 4 loads of wash in the HE washer and hung them to dry.

- I paid my water and sewer bill while I was grocery shopping which saved me a stamp.

- We have been doing everything possible to lower our electric and gas bills.

- I filled the SUV up with gasoline and got $ .60 off a gallon.

- We were able to turn our A/C off for about 5 days total but it is back on again. Hopefully we can turn it off again tomorrow.

- I washed the outside of the SUV and cleaned the inside rather than go to the car wash. I saved $ 40.

- We have had some rain during those 10 days so we have not had to water as often as we usually do. Thank heavens because the water bill I just paid was almost $ 272. for three months.

- I mended a pair of old shorts so that I can get enough time out of them until I buy a smaller size next summer.

- We have an 80th Birthday Party to go to and I am trying to come up with a dressy outfit to wear so that I don't have to buy anything new. I am buying a gift card for this person using reward points. Does anyone know where I can buy an 80th Birthday Card?

That is about all for frugality. There has been a lot of Fall cleaning of the entire house going on here. I also have to wash all of my Fall and Winter clothing and get the summer things packed up to store.

What have you done frugally the past few days?


  1. I've seen 80th birthday cards at Walmart. But perhaps you could make a card with stiff paper or cardstock and a fun picture cut from a catalog, with a sentiment handwritten inside. I try not to buy cards as they are SO expensive! Sometimes I find just the right one at the thrift store for just a few cents.

    1. Hi Rozy,

      Thanks so much. I will look there and Dollar Tree.

  2. You have done really well on the frugal homefront! I have seen 80th birthday cards at our local Dollar Tree. Maybe check there if you have one near you. I posted a frugal doing update on my blog on Sunday. :) Be blessed!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks so much for your kindness. I will check there and Walmart. I am off to look at your blog.