Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Life Happens

Do you ever have a month or a week that doesn't go as you planned? I am sure you do as we all do. Well this seems to be one of those months and weeks for us.

I was hoping that this month would be a great savings month for us even though school taxes were due. If you remember, I also gave myself a challenge of having the lowest utility bill ever. Well, I have failed the utility test. We used 657 KWH and 5 CCF's of gas this current month. Our lowest KWH for the same period was 582 KWH and 3 CCF's of gas. I have tried my hardest but since it has been so hot, we just couldn't go without A/C some days. Did you do the challenge and succeed? If so I would love to hear about it. I love your successes.  

We started the month off receiving our school tax bill the first day. Being a person who likes things paid, I went and paid the $ 4347.21 the very next day. I filed the receipt away for 2016 income taxes and was happy to be done with it.

I have been keeping our grocery expenses down by doing very little shopping except for real necessities and the chicken and ingredients for all of those freezer meals that I made for my neighbor and ourselves. We are succeeding in that expense.

When the plumbing and heating man came to check out our furnace, he found that the motor that brings fresh air into it was failing. So that was replaced last week at a cost of $555.42. Do you expect a motor on a furnace that is only 6 years old to die?  I sure didn't. 

Next our quarterly sewer and water bill came. We like most of you have had a very dry and hot summer. Just trying to keep the lawn and landscaping alive was a chore. Our bill for the past three months was  $271.42. I can't even begin to imagine what it is costing the farmers.

Then yesterday while Hubby and I were eating lunch, I broke a crown next to my bridge. I immediately called our dentist hoping he could take care of it right away before it got worse. He told me to come right down. After he looked at it, he gave me my options. He could replace the crown for $ 1482. or he could repair it for $ 394. and we could hope it would last 5+ years. He also said if the repair doesn't hold up in the next year, he would make good on it. Not knowing if I will even be alive in 5 years, I opted to get it repaired. My dentist used the very top grade of materials. They aren't as strong as porcelain would be but his work is top notch so I expect this repair will last a very long time. 

So all I have been seeing this month is money flying out the door. It is enough to depress anyone. I was hoping to have a great savings month especially since this is a month where we have more income. But I am not so sure anymore. But I will not let it get me down because I truly am a very optimistic person!

So I have a renewed hope for the next 9 days that things will go right and I will be watching every penny to try to get back on track. I plan on staying home and doing no shopping. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.
Has all of this depressed me? Nope, it has annoyed me a little bit but not depressed me. I am just happy that we can afford to pay these unexpected expenses. However it does set back our long term goals a little bit. But we always keep plodding along trying to make lemonade out of lemons. Our optimistic attitude has worked very well for us over the years. There is no sense crying over spilled milk.

To change the subject for a minute, a friend of ours  died suddenly at the age of 48 a few days ago. He leaves behind his wonderful wife and 5 children. A tragedy like this puts everything that I talked about above into clear perspective. It's a reminder of what is truly important in life. So give an extra hug to your spouses, your children, your moms and your dads today.  


  1. I feel your pain :( Seems like just when you think things are on track something derails. This year for us it was hubby losing his job, the oven of 20 years died, the truck needed a fuel pump, the washer of only 5 years died and it was cheaper to get a new one than it was to fix it. Yikes. But you know hubby has found enough work to supplement our social security income so we are paying the bills and we've had enough to replace the appliances and repair the truck. He's also getting lots of things done around our acreage that he couldn't get to when he worked full time. Our health is good, the garden was good, the chickens are laying and the canning I did will give us lots to eat over the winter. As you say, when you look at someone dying so young, with a family left behind, it puts life's problems into perspective. Nannie

  2. Hi Nannie,

    Wow! Your problems make mine seem miniscule. But you sound like you have made lots of lemons out of lemonade. I wish you the best.a