Friday, September 2, 2016

My Aldi's Shopping and My Thinking This Week

I did my errands on Wednesday. First stop was Home Depot to drop off compact fluorescent lights that we are no longer using. They will dispose of them properly for me.

Next was a stop at Fast Cash to redeem $ 6.50 worth of bottle deposits. Then a stop at Rite Aid to pick up a prescription.

Last stop was at Aldi's to pick up a few sale items.
I purchased two large packages of chicken wings for $ 1.49 a lb.  That is the cheapest price that I have seen in years. The wings have to be split but that is easy and  then I food savered them. The portions will store nicely in the freezer. That way I can just pull out a bag when I need them for a game.

I also purchased bananas at $ .29 a lb., seedless grapes for $.98 a lb., 4 ears of corn for $ 1.29, and a bag of frozen raw jumbo shrimp for $ 4.99. The total for all was $ 24.02.

The bananas and grapes were a need. We are getting low on fruit this week. When our local corn came into our market this year, it was corn called Amaize. It is the worst corn that I have eaten in years. I cooked up all 4 ears one night and we hated it. But I put the two ears that we didn't eat in the fridge figuring I could cut it off and spice it the next day to make it taste better. I hate wasting food. The next day when I went to take it out of the fridge, it was moldy. Yuck. Never again would I buy that corn. So the only alternative for us was to buy the corn that we liked in the 4 pack. We also treat ourselves to shrimp when I can get such a great price. We eat shrimp cocktails and a tossed salad.    

Here is my list for the week. I know it is hard to see because everything is now crossed off so I will explain it. The Aldi's shop is explained above. They were all necessities as were the milk, eggs, sherbert and jello & puddings at Top's. 

Looking at the Walmart list, I had 2 Almay Deodorant on it. They would not let me use the $5.00/2 coupon that I had because it was coded for Walgreen's. I didn't need the deodorant right away so I walked out empty handed. I will keep my eyes open for another great deodorant deal.

My Aldi's list had a Huntington Home drying mat for $ 1.99 which is a great price. However I have 7 drying mats so I crossed that off my list. I also crossed off Tandil laundry detergent because I got a better deal at Top's on the Oxiclean. I also got the jellos at Top's not Aldi's because of Top's sale.

Before I could buy Cran Apple juice at either of my stores I found 6 bottles while I was organizing the basement. So that got crossed off the list.

I never went to SaveALot. I determined that I had enough oil for baking next month. Also the Kraft BBQ sauce is loaded with salt so I decided to make a homemade batch to keep in my fridge.

At Top's I decided against the Hungry Jack hash browns, even though they were free with coupon, since they had too much sodium. The price on the Puffs was too high. The Polar Seltzer for Hubby was on sale 5 bottles for $4.00. However when the 12 packs are on sale, they are cheaper by the ounce. So I will wait for a sale on those. Both the 8pc. fried chicken and the dozen donuts were terrific prices with Top's Super Coupons. However I decided against buying them. When I put the donuts on the list, I was thinking of breakfast last Sunday when my son and grandson came. Instead I made them bacon and eggs and English muffins with my homemade strawberry jam. I have an air-fryer now so why would I even think to buy prepared oily chicken. So all of these things were crossed off my list. They were not really necessities.

BTW last week, I decided not to buy those paper plates. Washing dishes won out.

This week I did not find anything that I wanted at Amazon or any other stores. It has been a pretty good week for not spending money.

I hope all of you have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. I will be back to post on Tuesday.

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