Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Expense Report

This report shows every penny we spent in the month of September. If you don't see something on this report, it is explained here .

Cable TV, Int.,Tel.    $100.63

Water & Sewer          271.42

Electric & Gas           119.70

Alarm Monitoring        30.90 

School Taxes           4347.21 

Household Maint.      555.42

Groceries                 741.68

Medical                    786.13

Clothing                    41.55

Liquor & Beer            32.38

Household Goods       26.27

Rest.& Take Out       167.68

Gifts                         87.99

Personal Care          101.73

Gasoline                   11.10

Services                   30.00

Total Expenses       7451.79

This is always a higher month because school taxes are due. As I told you in last month's expense report, I did not make an investment last month so that I could use that money to help pay our hefty school tax bill.

The cable bill is lower this month because of two credits that were owed to us from prior bills. Next month it will be the new corrected amount.

The water and sewer bill is for 3 months. It is high because of watering the lawn and landscaping all summer in the heat wave. We also live in a municipality that charges sewer based on how much water comes out of the tap. So even though water for the lawn does not go down the sewer, we get charged. This amount will go down to normal next time.

Our electric and gas was a little high because of the A/C being on the entire month.

The household maintenance was to have the Heating and A/C company replace a motor on our furnace.

Let's not even talk about groceries. Considering there is only two of us and weekly company, this figure is way too high. I am working on it.

Medical was for insurance, a dental bill, 2 doctor visits and 6 prescriptions.

Clothing was a sweatshirt for Hubby. His were so old they were getting threadbare. So I ordered him a new one from LL Bean. He gets very cold even though our heat is on and set at 72. So wearing a sweatshirt keeps him from pushing up the heat. I have bought no clothing for me all year. I actually thought about buying a new outfit for the birthday party we are going to. But I have a dress in my closet which will be perfect. It's crazy to buy an outfit for one party. I also do not have any shoes to go with it. My DIL is the same shoe size as me and is letting me borrow a pair. 

I purchased two 12 packs of Sam Adams. It is mainly used during the Sunday football games.

Household Goods was aluminum pans for meals for my neighbor, kleenex, and bug spray.

Restaurant and take out was our birthday dinner, 2 other dinners out, and 4 take outs. I am also working on this. I got very lazy this month.

Gifts were for my grandchildren.

Personal care were a haircut and color for me(guilty pleasure) and one for Hubby. This also includes those shave creams.

Gasoline was very low this month because I only topped the car off with a 1/2 tank and I had gas points to use to discount the price. We also have not done a lot of driving. 

Services was paying the neighborhood kid who weed wacks for us. He came two times during the month. He only wanted to charge us $5.00 each time all summer. He only has to weed wack around the stone in all of our gardens, around the patio, and the shed. But Hubby told him even though it doesn't take long that was too cheap. So he gives him $ 15.00 each time.

All in all it was a very expensive month. But paying school and property taxes(January) are the cost of owning a home. It is well worth it.   

Since we had more income in the month of September(income fluctuates each month) and because I made no investment in August, we were able to invest $5600. yesterday. So that brings our total savings and investments for 2016 to $38,000.
Our goal is $50,000. by December 31st.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Monday with Back to Basics.                 

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