Monday, September 19, 2016

Why I Love Amazon Subscribe and Save

I ran all of my grocery and other errands today. That is why I am late posting. Most days I try to get the post up early but some days that is impossible depending on our schedule.

But let's get to to the topic today which is Amazon Subscribe and Save. I love it.

This is how it works. First you pick the products you want from the Subscribe and Save Store . Next, you select the frequency of your delivery and create your subscription. You can skip or cancel your deliveries at any time after your first product is shipped by going to your account and your subscribe and save items.
In advance of each delivery, they send you an e-mail telling you what items will be in your next order and any price changes since your first order. So if a price has risen too high you can cancel that item. 

The reason I love it so much is that I can purchase needed items as I find them at rock bottom prices the month before my delivery date. Many of those items also have a coupon online that you can just clip when you are ordering for even more savings. If I find that item cheaper elsewhere before my delivery is shipped, I can easily cancel it.

Each item you purchase via subscribe and save, you save 5% off until you purchase 5 items. If you purchase 5 or more items then you get 15% off your entire order. I always try to aim for 5 or more items because that is the best deal.

My subscribe and save order arrived yesterday. I love Sunday deliveries. But as you will see my son, grandson and hubby loved it even more. Notice that the crackers are open. Yup, they got into them right away. This was a 45ct. package of Austin crackers that was $ 9.20 but I paid $ 7.82  after the 15% off. I mainly purchased them for my grandson so that he would eat something besides candy when he visits. But the big boys dove right in. I have since hidden them because Hubby really shouldn't have them.

I don't sleep well at night so my sister suggested that I try Melatonin. I purchased a 240 ct. bottle for $ 4.11 after 15% off. I slept almost around the clock last night.

I use a Clorox Toilet Wand to clean my toilets. I got tired of the stinky reusable brush. At my age I need easy so this is a guilty pleasure. The replacement head for these are expensive in Walmart. I now buy them in bulk from Amazon. I paid $9.61 for a 30 ct. package after a coupon and 15% off. That total includes $ .71 tax. 

My favorite coffee is San Francisco Bay so I was happy to see it at such a great price. I got an 80 ct. K cup box for $ 24.65 after the 15% off. I love the flavor of this coffee and I also love that their packaging is all recyclable. 

I was running low on dishwasher tablets. This 64 ct. package of Finish was $ 3.51 after a free $5.00 gift card, a coupon and the 15% off. 

Lastly, I needed deodorant. My stockpile was finally depleted. So I got the Suave for $ 1.37 after the 15% off. The total included $ .10 tax.

Besides all of these great prices, I saved the time and gas to shop for these things. 

If you do try Subscribe and Save, make sure that you check their prices with your other stores to make sure that you are getting a deal. I can't get any 80 ct. package of K cups at BJ's for $ 24.65 so I know I got a really great deal on those.