Thursday, October 13, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done in The Past Two Weeks

These are the frugal things that we have done in the past two weeks:

- Purchased minimal groceries. I did not even go  grocery shopping this week.

- Baked brownies and cookies in bulk so that I could freeze some.

- Purchased a really adorable 2 piece outfit for the new baby boy who lives next door. He was born on Saturday evening. It was originally $40. and I purchased it for $6.+ on clearance and using rewards and coupons at Kohl's.

- Cooked all or meals from our stockpile except for two lunches. One meal was take out at KFC and the other we went to the Buffalo Brewpub where we were treated my Hubby's cousins who came to visit.

- Ordered a few free samples.

- Received a $6.00 liquor rebate in the mail.

- Received a card for a free dessert at Village Eatery for my birthday. No purchase is necessary. So I will stop by and bring it home the next time I am near there.

- I received various offers for a free item with purchase and 20% off an entree. I threw them out because it would have cost me many dollars to get those free items. I always try to remember that it is what you spend not what you save.

- I gave myself a manicure.  I never go to a salon to get them done.

- One day I really did not want to cook breakfast but I did. My ham and eggs tasted better than going out. 

- I am very concerned that the economy is not recovering the way it should have. So I am listing preparations for what needs to be done in case we have another recession or worse, a depression. Being an accountant, I know that the recovery would have been over with by now if the government had just let things alone instead of propping up the banks with cash that we will owe for years. They should have let them go under. Those that were strong would have survived and those that weren't good riddance. For the few banks that would have failed, it would have been cheaper to pay the deposit holders to make them whole rather than bail out the banks with the billions of dollars that we borrowed from China. I will tell you the truth about why they are holding the interest rates down. They have no idea what is going to happen when they raise them. We have never been in a situation like this where they held them this low for 8 years.We could end up at 21-22% inflation like what happened to Japan a few years back. It is pretty obvious that Obama doesn't want them raised until he is out of office. Then he can lay the blame on someone else. I could go on a political rant about why we need a businessman running this country instead of people who have been in government for years who know nothing about running anything. But I will stop now. Bottom line: I think we are really in economic trouble in this country. The littlest thing could set off a depression. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I am worried. Hence I am getting prepared. 

- I have been saving juice bottles to store more water in. We already have a lot stored in soda bottles but since I gave that up, I am using clean juice bottles.

-I sold two cookbooks to a neighbor for $15.00. That money went into my Disney fund.

- Another neighbor gave me some zucchinis from their garden. I will be sauteing some for meals and shredding some to make zucchini bread.

- I made my menu for this Sunday for breakfast and football. I had the ingredients for this recipe for
Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake that I found on Rhonda's blog. It looks so good. My son and grandson will love it for breakfast. I will serve it with scrambled eggs and sausage. Mid afternoon during the football game I will make beef tacos with tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce, shredded Mexican cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, black olives, and taco sauce for all of us to choose from.

-I sewed a button back onto Hubby's shirt.

-We have enjoyed three fires in our outside fireplace now that the nights are cooler. We are still working on burning scraps of wood that we collected when the builder was still building in here. Hubby has it stacked in the shed which keeps it dry. I love a glass of wine sitting in our glider in front of a roaring fire. It is so relaxing.

- We played a game of scrabble one night over the weekend. I love it when I beat Hubby.

- Yesterday, we watched three of our favorite shows that Hubby recorded since we were busy when they  aired. I love commercial free TV.

-I roasted a chicken which we ate 5 meals from including homemade soup. I also make a lot of chicken broth that I froze. That way I can control the fat and the salt.

 - As usual we have used as little gas and electric as possible. Since the heat is on, I open the shades on the sunny side of the house and follow the sun around the house.

- I have my snakes in front of the basement doors to keep the cold in the basement.

- I washed the car outside in the driveway since it was warm last weekend. I am trying to hold off using the car wash as long as I can.

What have you done to be frugal the past couple of weeks? 


  1. I'm with you--government shouldn't meddle in business affairs. I will say that it is not necessarily being in business that makes one wise (there are plenty of dumb businessmen) but knowing the rules or laws of economics, how the whole system works that can make a public servant wise enough to govern. FDR kept the country is a deep depression for over a decade because of no clue as to how things work. His policies prolonged and deepened the pain. Same today: too much government regulation and unsustainable mandates such as minimum wage levels and benefits.

    I've been frugally choosing wedding gifts out of the stash of lovely things I've collected. And inventorying my pantry and freezer to use things up instead of buying more while we're putting money toward our trip out to Idaho for our son's wedding. I've been letting my hair grow out, getting pretty creative with how I fix it instead of going in for another perm. I do my own manicures and pedicures too. We managed to put off turning on the furnace until October 6. Those are the main things I've been doing. Keep up the good work.

    1. I agree with you one hundred percent. FDR was a disaster. However we need a smart businessman at this point. I am tired of corrupt politicians who only care about their power and making money from their positions. I am sick to death of the media colluding with the corrupt criminal Clintons who I have followed for 50 years. They are corrupt liars who don't care about the American people only themselves. Too many people who were going to testify against the Clintons going way back to Arkansas have ended up dead. Coincidence? I doubt it. This country is on the brink of an economic collapse and 4 years of Hillary will take us there. She was the Senator in this state for years and didn't do anything that she promised she would. NYS was actually worse off when she left. I guess you know who I am voting for....a mensa IQ billionaire. And I don't care about his locker room talk. Bill and Hillary Clinton have done much worse and criminal acts. Bill still does and with children. As far as these women making claims on TV, the timing to me is very suspicious and I believe Trump that it is libel. Would the liberal media tell a false story? Absolutely and they have done it many times before. The NYT Times has done it thousands of times. I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years. I was raised in a Democratic family. My grandfather was actually a Democratic politician. But Hillary is one Democrat who I can in no way vote for. Obama has just about destroyed this country and Hillary will finish it off. Voting for anyone besides Trump just gives this election to Clinton. I am done with the political talk now.

      You are doing great. You mention growing your hair. So am I. It was layered and about an inch everywhere before I started growing it last February. It is all one length now and I will continue to grow it to chin length. I find it much easier to take care of .

  2. Amen to your thoughts on the election!!
    I've been reading for awhile, but never commented before.

  3. Hi Jo,

    Your comments are always appreciated.