Thursday, October 20, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done This Past Week

These are the things that we have done frugally the past week:

- My son cut some more tree branches for us.

- We had a big salad twice this week for dinner. Hubby makes the best salads. We are now out of lettuce so I will most likely go to Niagara Produce today to get more.

- One night we had homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese on rye bread. Hubby made the soup. So three meatless meals that helped our budget. Hubby is feeling so much better after his illness that he has started cooking 3-4 meals a week and I am loving it.

- I took my grandson to the Dollar Tree and got him a ball, two books , two puzzles, etc. Those items will stay here in the toy closet for when he visits. I bought enough aluminum foil to get me to the $10. minimum to use the 10% off voucher.

- I washed two loads of laundry in the HE's using cold water and minimal detergent. I hung them to dry.

- A medical provider sent us a bill 4 months ago for medical supplies for $12.20. We have 100% coverage of medical supplies with Medicare and our secondary plan. I knew I didn't owe it. After 4 months of telephone calls and a lot of aggravation, the company finally credited my account for the $12.20 informing me I didn't owe it. When you know you are right on a bill, don't pay it and state your case. Eventually they figure it out. It would have been easier on me and my time if I had just paid it. But I am not paying what I don't owe. 

- Finally Time Warner sent me a bill for cable TV, internet and telephone that was accurate. That was a two month struggle.

- I faithfully watered my yellow flower basket and it is still living after 9 days. I have only had to pull out 4 flowers.  I am so enjoying it.

- My birthday balloon started to deflate so I cut the bottom where it was tied to the ribbons off. I saved the deflated balloon and the ribbons to wrap a small birthday package. 

- With the exception of NCIS, NCIS LA, NCIS NOLA, Bull, Hawaii 5-O and Blue Bloods, I have stopped watching TV. Hubby watches sports and some of the news. I have quit watching any news because of the biased media's take on the election. I have made up my mind on who I am voting for. I just want this election over.   I am totally sick of it. However this  choice seems to have lowered our electric bill so I think I will continue only watching these shows on TV for the foreseeable future.

- The meter reader was here the day before yesterday so I went outside and read the meter as soon as he left. I like to verify that the reading is accurate when I get the bill the month that he reads. There have been mistakes in the past. We only used 450 KWH's this past month and cut our natural gas consumption in half(only used 14.4 therms) from the same period last year( used 28.8 therms). Our bill is online today and is $ 95.58. I am very happy with that considering our heat has been on part of the month. It pays to conserve.

- Hubby wanted to go out to dinner last night because it is restaurant week here. We went to one of our favorite places which is Tavern at Windsor Park. Hubby had Fish and Chips. I had Steak and Ale Pie which is my favorite. We each had an appetizer. One was Bavarian Pretzels and one was Philly Steak Roll Ups. And we each had a 9 ounce glass of white zinfandel. Each of our meals including the glass of wine was $20.16. However I had a 20% off coupon that they sent for my birthday which didn't expire until the end of next month. It was good for my meal and Hubby's meal. So we only paid $32.26 plus tax and tip for the two of us. It was a fantastic meal for that price. It was also a ton of food and we brought home 1/2 of all for dinner tonight.

- I only ran the dishwasher every three days. I like it full when I use it. I continue to use vinegar as a rinse and 1/2 tablet to wash.

- I sprayed bug spray around the perimeter inside the garage and the entire foundation. It's that time of year where bugs like to come in for the winter. I have always hated spiders and now we have a new bug that I have never seen before. One got in the house last weekend. It is a stink bug. They are ugly and smell horrid if you step on them. I never want to see one again. UGH! 

- Today the landscape company comes with three guys to do our end of the year weeding, trimming of all bushes, etc. They should be here about three hours. This is the last month( they come monthly) this year that they will be needed. We paid up the entire year a few months ago so we are prepaid. I am happy that we will not have to pay for this again until next spring. The same landscape company should be coming soon to put down the winter fertilizer. We also pay that bill up front in February because they give us 5% off. I am hoping when they send a bill in the spring for the weeding and trimming every month that they will give us a discount also if we pay the entire season up front. 

- My son and grandson will be coming again this Sunday. I have decided to make banana muffins for breakfast and also put out a big fruit salad. During the game I will have a big crock pot full of sausage, chicken and shrimp jambalaya served on rice. My son loves this. I will also send some home to my DIL for her dinner. Everything I need to make these things is already in my stockpile. We should then have enough for a meal or two next week.

So what did you do this week to save money? Share with us by leaving a comment.


  1. I live in PA and we have gotten stink bugs for the past three years. No pesticide will stop them and don't crush them they release a smell that attracts more of them. I use my sweeper to suck them up or a tissue to pick them up and flush them. They seem to like to come in during the fall more then the summer. They come in through our fireplace. Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks so much for these tips. This is my first experience with them. My son warned me not to crush them. I sucked up the one in the house with the vacuum cleaner. I just hope that I don't see anymore.

  2. Once they get in the area, they like to come back each yr. They're not great at flying so a rainy or windy day seems to stop them. Cheryl