Monday, October 10, 2016

Funding Disney

My son, daughter in law, and grandson have again invited me to go to Disney World with them. The trip is planned for January 2018. This will be my third trip there since I turned 60. I had never been to Disney World before then. I had sent my kids when they were in high school on a week long trip with the school but I had never been. I am addicted. I love everything about it: the magic, the scenery, the rides, the restaurants, people watching, etc. I love watching the joy in my grandchildren's faces as they enjoy it.

Even though my son and daughter in law pay for housing(they have timeshares inside the parks), it still is a very expensive trip for me. Airfare, 7 day park pass to go to all of the parks, 99% of our meals are at restaurants in the parks, at theme breakfasts, or in the restaurants in Downtown Disney. I try to pay for at least one or two meals for all of us at 5 star restaurants on the grounds. I also need to rent a scooter for the entire time because it is too much walking for me. We spend long days, everyday inside the parks. Then there is a cost for anything really special that my children set up. I also do souvenirs for my grandson, my granddaughter, Hubby and myself. So it costs me a few thousand dollars by the time all is said and done. We are trying to convince Hubby to go but I doubt he will. He doesn't like rides and doesn't seem to have any interest.

All of that said, I have decided to save for this trip with money that is not part of our investment plan. I don't want to take a large chunk away from that.

So we have decided to budget for gifts next year out of our regular budget. We will budget $1200., a hundred dollars a month for birthdays, Christmas gifts, and any baby showers, weddings, etc. This is a normal expense that everyone has.

All extra money earned or rebated will go to the Disney Fund. I have already started that fund and have $ 62.40 in it. To do that, I had to come up with a list of other ways to make that money.

Here is my list:

- Saving all of our change in a jar. This is something we have always done but then gave the money away. I will save it for my trip.

- Money picked up off the ground. I am amazed at the amount of money that people throw away. When I walk my neighborhood, I find pennies and other denominations all of the time. I still remember the day I found a $ 20. bill. Supermarket and mall parking lots are fabulous for finding money too. It is not a great deal but it does add up over time.

- I will save cash back from my rewards credit cards. When you charge every expense every month and pay it off when the bill comes, it adds up to a great deal of money in a year. 

- I could monetize this blog.

- All bottle return money will go into this fund.

- Write an E Book which is something that I have been thinking about for a while.

- Save all grocery, liquor, and retail rebates in this fund. 

-  All Saving Star, Checkout 51, Ebates, Ibotta or other rebate program cash will be saved for this trip. 

- Every time I earn reward points for Amazon, the same amount of money will be put in this fund.

- Any Swagbucks or Bing giftcard rewards I will also add money to this fund.

- All monies from garage sales and selling my bookcase of books that you saw in my basement will go to this fund. We also have a huge bookcase of  CD's and DVD's that I could sell.

- I will enter giveaways and if I win an equal amount of money will go to this fund.

- Any survey money will be added.

- Any birthday cash or Christmas cash that I receive as a gift will be added.

- All money earned from Mechanical Turk.

- Money from doing jobs for companies like Best Mark and other mystery shopping companies.

- Cash earned from opening a bank account.

- Any cash made from buying gift cards. 

- Any cash made from doing a focus group.

I am sure that there are many more ways that I will  think of over the next few weeks. But the bottom line is that I will actively be trying to save all of these monies for this trip that I can't wait to go on again.

Rather than just take the money from our investments, I want to see how well I can do by following this path. Many people who would love to go to Disney don't have money to take from investments. They need to find a different way. So I hope this helps some of you.

If anyone who makes extra money at home has another idea, please feel free to share it in the comments.   


  1. Sounds like a great plan!
    I love DisneyWorld too! We have taken the kids 4 times, but will wait until Star Wars land etc is completed before we go again.
    You have great ideas for saving the money. Have you thought about teaching a frugal/financial independence class? You already have lots of material on your blog.
    My husband is thinking of doing a programming class through
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the idea on the class. I might be able to teach that through our school districts community education program. Tell your Hubby I said good luck.

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. I was really excited when I saw you might write an e-book. I don't have a Kindle, though. :( If my kids do, I would love to buy them each a copy of your book, I think they could learn so much from you and your writing style is so friendly and non-judge mental. Good luck if you decide to do this.