Monday, October 17, 2016

I Would Have Everything Delivered If It Was Cost Effective

My October subscribe and save order came on Friday.
There is nothing better than having your groceries and non food items delivered once a month.

Since I have Amazon Prime, the delivery is free. This was my 85th order this year. The amount I have saved up and above the $99. I pay per year for Amazon Prime is well worth it. Shipping is expensive. Then there is the gasoline factor also. My closest store is 6 miles each way. But most of the stores where I would buy these things are 13 miles each way. At $2.27 a gallon, that adds up. Time is an important factor too. I don't have to take the time out of my day to drive, shop and bring it home. It's a win, win!

I always make sure that I am getting a great price on whatever I put in my subscribe and save order. Then I order at least 5 needed items so that I get an additional 15% off each item.

This order had 6 Jello-O sugar free lime gelatins for a final cost of $ 3.10. Sugar free gelatin rarely goes on sale in my market and when it does it is $ .99 each. This order saved me $ 2.84.

The 8 ct. Nylabone dog treats are a gift. They were $ 8.11 including $.60 tax.

The Tully's Italian Roast 72 ct. K-cups totaled $ 15.97 or about $ .22 each. This is a real bargain for K cups.

The 4 ct. Gillette Venus razor blade refills totaled $ 3.81 including $ .28 tax.

The 24 ct. Scott Tube Free toilet paper totaled $ 11.67 including $ .87 tax. This was a very good price for tube free. I recycle our toilet paper tubes so buying tube free isn't a big deal. However I am trying an experiment. Hubby always leaves the toilet paper tube on the holder with one or two sheets left. He never puts a new roll on. I am going to see if he does the same when he uses the last piece of tube free or if he will leave one or two sheets instead of putting a new roll on the holder. Men! 

My last needed item was 6 packages of 8 Keebler Cheddar Cheese Sandwich crackers. My grandson loves these crackers and I would rather have him eat these as a snack than candy. They visit every Sunday and sometimes more frequently. Since the drive to  visit is an hour and 15-20 minutes each way, he always asks me for a snack for the car ride when they go home. These cost me a total of $ 6.54.

The best part of getting my order is that I had $ 11.73 in reward points to put toward this order.

So if you have Amazon Prime and you haven't tried Subscribe and Save, check it out and see if it cheaper for you.


  1. Love your comments on your husband and the toilet paper rolls, so amusing! Mine's pretty good about changing the rolls (this has only come about in the last several years). Now if I could just get him to put his trash in the can....

    1. Hi olderandwiser,

      Thanks. Every one of them seems to have something that they aren't capable of doing. :-)

  2. I haven't really tried this kind of Amazon shopping but I am going to look into it. You did great!
    I keep a snack basket for my grands. They never want to leave but getting your pick something from the snack baskets really helps them not be grumpy.