Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It Was A Baking Day Yesterday

Yesterday I baked. I have to tell you something that you don't know about me. I HATE to bake. I do it but not as often as Hubby would like. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. But I have always hated to bake. My oldest son learned to bake at school in grades 1-3. So he always did the baking in our home until he went to college. Then I would just buy whatever they wanted. I would rather clean a toilet than bake.

But since someone here(me) was craving chocolate and I was too cheap to go buy cookies and brownies, I made them. The cookies are chocolate peanut butter from scratch. I made 5 dozen and froze some. I also baked a brownie mix(the last one left on the shelf since we changed our diet).

You see I can have all of the chocolate I want today and the heck with my diet because it is my birthday and this is what I wanted for sweets today. I am not a cake person. 

My birthday started off less than desirable because Hubby had his second ablation on his back this morning so that is why I am so late posting. This was the ablation that we had to cancel because he ended up in the hospital for 21 days.

We came home and Hubby felt bad that we couldn't go out for my birthday tonight. I told him we already celebrated on his birthday. He said that was not fair. Since I had to go out and get two prescriptions at the drugstore for him, he told me to buy whatever I wanted for lunch. I was craving KFC extra crispy chicken so I got a small meal for me and picked up the extra crispy Nashville Hots for Hubby. 

Evidently while we were getting the procedure done this morning the local florist tried to deliver flowers. When I got home from KFC, Hubby says these just came for you. They tried to deliver them again. It's a good thing Hubby stayed home. They are from one of my sons and daughter in law and granddaughter. They are the biggest and most beautiful arrangement that I have ever seen. They are all yellow flowers which are my very favorite. My children know this because Hubby used to bring me yellow roses all of the time. 

Well since I have had a trying morning and need to keep an eye on Hubby today, I am off to eat some cookies. I can have as many as I want today and they don't count in my diet. Just saying.  


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Your flowers are beautiful! And yes, I think you can have as many cookies as you want today. :D
    Do hope your husband does well with his procedure, and I hope his back pain will be less.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Also, i agree cookies definitely don't count on your birthday!

  3. Happy birthday 🎁🎉🎈🍰 and enjoy your cookies and all those beautiful flowers ❤️

  4. Happy Birthday! The flowers are beautiful. Enjoy!

  5. Happy Birthday! Those flowers are lovely! Praying for your sweet hubby and for quick healing.

  6. Happy Birthday!
    The flower arrangement is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

  7. Thanks to All of You for your well wishes for both of us. It is much appreciated. I had a lovely day!