Thursday, October 27, 2016

My New Purchase

The end of last year I told you that we would not buy any clothing in 2016. However during the year I had to buy a few things that Hubby needed. Then when my bras' elastic were almost threadbare, I had no choice but to buy some new bras. But we have spent a pittance on these things this year until now.

Hubby has been telling me to buy a winter coat. I have a really dressy black one for going to special  dress up places. However to wear it every day is a nuisance because it picks up lint like crazy. It was a mistake. 

When we moved to Arizona 15 years ago, we gave away all of our winter clothing including coats. The hope was that we would never need them again. If we had to come back in the winter, which I did for a wedding, I just layered. 

When we moved back to New York 6 years ago, we had to buy all new winter clothing. We arrived at a temporary apartment in December. The first thing we had to do was buy coats. I ran from the apartment across the street to Target and bought one. It ended up being way to warm for me especially when I would be out running around doing errrands. It's great for playing out in snow with the grandchildren but that is about it.  

So for the past 6 years, I have been running around doing errands in my fleece with a sweater or sweatshirt under it. On some really cold days, I would freeze. Plus I was always worried about breaking down in the car and not being warm enough. Hence, I keep a very warm blanket in the car. The blanket is not a bad idea since Buffalo gets a lot of snow and many people have been caught in the middle of blizzards here. They get stuck on the highways because the plows can't keep up. So keeping a blanket, food and water in the car is something we always do in the winter. 

Hubby has been trying to get me to buy a new coat for years. I kept telling him that I wanted a really nice coat that was just warm enough and that was beautifully lined. I also told him I was not willing to buy that coat until I got a great deal on it, preferably $50. - $ 60. 

Well, I found one at Lands End last Saturday. It was reduced from $ 199.99 to $ 109.97. Then I applied a coupon code for 50% off  and was able to get free shipping. The coat ended up costing me $ 54.98+ tax.

The coat arrived yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's a warm camel color and it is beautifully made and lined. I just love it. I believe it is one of the nicest coats that I have ever purchased. It's always hard to pick something out from a picture but Lands End did a great job in the description so I was pretty sure that it was just what I was looking for and I was right.

So I am glad that I purchased it even though I told myself that I would not buy any clothes for me this year. If I had waited until January, this coat would probably be gone. I just couldn't pass up this great deal on something that I needed.

Sorry about the picture. The lighting in the room where I had it hanging wasn't good and it was a very dreary dark day here yesterday.

I am taking the day off from blogging tomorrow since family will be visiting with us. So I will be back posting on Halloween. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Nice coat. You did well on the price. Great job!
    Wear it in good health.

  2. What a deal! Love Lands End, I always look for that label at thrift stores. LLBean has great products too.

    1. Hi Rozy,

      Hubby only wears LL Bean. Their clothes last for years.

  3. Love the coat! What a great deal! I know you will get many years of wear out of it since Lands End stuff is good quality.
    Enjoy your time with family, and I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. That is a gorgeous coat! You got a great deal on it my friend. I'm glad you held out until you found exactly what you wanted at a price you could afford. :)