Friday, November 4, 2016

A Little Of This & A Little of That

I went to my Top's market this morning to pick up flour, sugar, butter, jalapeno slices, Smithfield ham steaks that were on sale for B1G1F, Glory collard greens, romaine lettuce, Ritz crackers, walnuts, Marsala wine salsa, milk, cereal and some apples. Most of the items  were on sale. I spent $52.31(used my Top's $10.00 gift card so my OOP was $42.31) which earned me $10.00 off a $ 50.00 gift card. The next time I am at Top's, I will pick one out.

While I was picking up the collard greens which I love, I spotted the can of butter beans pictured above. My father in law was raised in Mississippi and Texas and he was always talking about butter beans. That talk rubbed off on my Hubby. He has been teasing our grandson for a couple of years about making him a butter bean sandwich. My grandson always laughs when he says that.

However, a week or so ago, my daughter in law took him to a mall for the first time since he was born. He is almost 7. He saw a fountain with water that had money in it. He asked his mother about it. She told him it was a wishing well and that people throw money in and then make a wish. He thought for a minute and then he said " I need to go home and get all of my money and then come back here and put it in the fountain." His mother asked, "What would you wish for?" He said " I would wish for some butter beans so that I can give them to Grandpa."  So cute!

So I couldn't resist picking the beans up when I saw them. I will show him the can this weekend and if he wants to try them, I will let him. I will be surprised if he does. Anyhow I have no idea how to cook these or what to do with them. If any of you do, could you please leave a comment and let me know?

This afternoon I need to do a couple of loads of wash and hang them in the basement to dry. While the washing machine is doing it's work, I am going to bake a loaf of banana bread and some chocolate chip bread for breakfast on Sunday when my son and grandson visit. I will make scrambled eggs and ham and serve the breads. I don't have to do snacks on Sunday for the game because the Bills don't play until Monday night.

While I am talking about sports, I want to give a shout out to my friend, JoAnne in Chicago, who reads this blog. Congratulations to your Chicago Cubs that I know you love! I watched that last game praying for the Cubs at the end. I am so happy for you. I am also happy for any of my readers who are fans of the Cubs. They deserved a championship after all those years. 

While we were visiting with family this weekend, my daughter in law showed us our granddaughter's school pictures. This year's picture was gorgeous! She bought a basic package because they are so outrageously expensive. We have told both of our sons and daughter in laws that we are happy to make 8x10's, 5x7's, 4x6's or wallet sizes on our photo printer. So we brought a large picture home and made the ones she wanted. I shipped them to her via UPS signature required so that they wouldn't sit outside if she wasn't home. This time of year with the rain and the wind, I decided it was worth the extra money to make sure nothing happened to them. I had Hubby make some extra pictures for our frames too.

Hubby informed me after the pictures were done that we would be getting low on two of the color inkjets soon. So he wanted me to order them. Well after researching the two colors, I decided it was cheaper in the long run to buy a set of all 5 colors plus black. I found them here , had a 10% off coupon code and then I got $4.91 credited to my Ebates account. So in the end, they only cost $ 30.14. I would have spent about $26.00 for the two colors I needed.

We plan on getting our shovel and snow scrapers put in the car this weekend. I also make sure that we have water, some food, and blankets for the winter in the car. When you live in the Buffalo area, you do not want to be without those things in case you break down in a blizzard.

Hubby has to bring the snowblower from the shed to the garage and then we have to get all of our patio furniture put in the shed for the winter. I hoped to do it two weeks ago but Hubby wasn't ready yet. Then we will be all set for snow. I hate the thoughts of it but there isn't much we can do about it.

So those are our weekend plans. Nothing exciting. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back on Monday with some of the details of our budget for 2017.   


  1. Sounds like you got some good deals, and being able to use your gift card as well as get $10 off a future card is pretty awesome.
    What a sweet little grandson! So cute!
    Butter beans aren't my favorite, they are sort of mushy to me. I like baby limas better, you can put them into succotash or add them to soups/stews.
    Let us know your grandson's reaction to butter beans. :D
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks. I think I will either add the beans to a soup like you suggested or mak hummus with them. I will let you know his reaction.

  3. Butterbeans canned and processed commercially are nothing like homegrown ones (guess nothing else is either). So don't judge butterbeans from what comes out of a can. Fresh butterbeans are great. If possible, let your grandson try some fresh from the garden ones sometime. Penny S.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thanks for sharing. I don't think we ever have fresh butter beans in my neck of the woods. But I will look next growing season.