Monday, November 28, 2016

A Night of Too Many Things on My Mind

Have you ever had a sleepless night because too many things are rattling around in your head? Well, I have been up since 2:15AM because of my unsettled mind.

After thirty minutes of restlessness, I decided it was time to get up and make a list so that I could unload everything that was keeping me awake and possibly get back to sleep.

However I do have to get up with Hubby at 6:45am. He has to go to work for the first day since he retired over 15 years ago. The work is jury duty. So I will be packing his lunch just as I did all of those years ago.

He will be taking a turkey, romaine lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich on a sesame bun in a reusable  container to keep it from getting squished. I will add a dill pickle in another container, an apple, and a can of seltzer water. It will all get packed in a reused plastic bag. He can just leave it in the car where it will stay chilled and ready for his lunch. This eliminates the need to have to drive to a restaurant and spend money for lunch or lose his parking space.

Of course we have no idea how long he will be or if he will be serving the entire month. He may or may not find that out today. But it pays to be prepared. 

Perhaps I will know when he comes home if I have to cancel all of our appointments for this week. Two would have to be cancelled tomorrow to give enough notice. If he ends up serving all month four more appointments will have to be rescheduled.

But those are the kind of things you have to do when you only have one car. We have always worked our schedules around that fact. We have only rented a car once in fifteen plus years because of conflicts. I suppose we could rent one for me to go to my appointments but that seems expensive when I can just reschedule all of them. So cancelling and rescheduling is the better option. 

Funny thing is we may have to do this kind of thing all over again soon because I just filled the questionnaire out for jury duty a week ago. From Hubby's experience, I may get a summons within a month or two. We have lived here 6 & 1/2 years and have never been summoned before but all of a sudden the both of us are being called within months of each other. 

So while Hubby is out for the day(?), here is my list of things to accomplish:

- Call and order some medical supplies

- Call and pay a credit card bill that I received on Friday in full via a transfer from our checking account.

-Call GE and ask them where our LED bulb is that they promised as a replacement a few weeks ago. I have not gotten it.

- Call a store we ordered a laptop from and find out if it has been shipped to us. I have never received a confirmation or shipping notice nor the laptop. However my credit card has been billed.  

- If Hubby gets home before dark I want to go to Kohl's to use $15.00 in Kohl's cash for a birthday gift for my grandson. I also want to pay my Kohl's charge bill in full for two orders we had shipped to us.

- I have two rebates (totaling $24.00) to fill out and mail for items we purchased recently. Hubby wanted a rotating waffle maker and I needed to replace our electric fry pan which died. I use this appliance so often that there was no question we would replace it. Both items were purchased on sale with coupon codes and Kohl's cash. So the rebates are a bonus.

- If I go to Kohl's I will stop at Top's and pick up mayonnaise, saltines and Ritz crackers that we are almost out of. I also have a $10.00 credit towards another gift card. So I will spend $ 40.00 for a $ 50.00 Applebee's card.

- I will stop at the bank and deposit three checks that have been sitting here. One is our $ 231.00 New York State rebate for our property and school taxes this year so I want to put that in our savings. 
- While I am out I will fill the car up with gas using the $ .60 off per gallon that we have accumulated at Top's.

- I will also stop at Fast Cash to get rid of two bags of deposit bottles. That cash will go in my Disney savings for my spending cash.

- I need to order B12 so I have to research the best price. I should have done that yesterday while I was purchasing a year's worth of Vitamin D for both Hubby and I but I got side tracked. BTW, I purchased 10 bottles of 200 ct. Vitamin D3, 2000 i.u. softgels on a Black Friday sale and a discount coupon for a total of $ 17.14 shipped from Puritan Pride. This is a little over a years supply for us. The bottles were $ 2.09 each and a coupon code got me a discount of $ 3.76 plus we pay no sales tax on medicines in NY. It was the best deal that I have ever found for these vitamins. Just letting you know in case you are in need of them because they are still on sale.

- Hubby turned on our outside LED Christmas lights last night. They are so pretty. I need to look for 12 C and D batteries for our 4 wreaths and 4 candles for our front windows so that we can get them up. Once we do that and put our lighted Christmas tree on the front porch the decorating for outside will be complete. If I don't have the batteries, I need to find a sale to buy them.

- I also need to do a load of wash and hang it to dry.

I think that is about it for all the things that need to be done and have been rattling around in my head preventing me from sleeping.

The picture is our homemade turkey soup that I made last night for dinner. We have leftovers for tonight which I am very happy about because I have a full day. 

I am off to sleep now, hopefully!  



  1. Thank you so much for posting about the Vitamin sale! I also ordered a year supply at a great price. My order total was $20.90 (I never could locate a coupon code) so my total order was a little more than yours, but still a really great price. Both my husband and I take 2 pills daily so this total price is great. Penny S

    1. Hi Penny,

      I am so glad that I could help you out. It is a terrific price. I am going to try to get our medical bills as low as I can over the next year and this will definitely help.

  2. I understand your being unable to sleep. When things are routine, sleep comes easy. Out of the ordinary plans are kinda unsettling - even if everything is fine. Your turkey soup looks delicious!! Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Neighbor Chick,

      Thanks. I finally got some sleep last night. You have a great day too.

  3. I'm wondering why your husband did not ask to get out of serving jury duty since it would prove to be a hardship on your family with having to share a single car. If the appointments were medical ones, the judge most likely would have excused him from serving. Maybe you both did not realize that was a possibility. :)

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hubby wanted to serve because he feels it is his civic duty. I spent the afternoon changing all of our medical appointments to January since he will be serving most of December. Don't worry they weren't anything that wasn't routine.