Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Stockpile Shop

Yesterday I went to Aldi's to do some stockpiling. I have learned that when they have a good price on something in their Sunday flyer that I need to get there quickly. So I was up and out early to shop for the things I needed.

We use nothing but unsalted butter. If I can get margarine free, which is very rare, I will use it for me. However 99% of the time, we use butter. It was on sale this week for $ 2.69. Rather than have to pay more during the next year, I purchased 16 lbs. Last year when they put it on sale, within 2 days of the sale ad coming out, my store put a limit on it of 2. I was not taking that chance this year. It was a real pain last year to have to keep going to the store to get what I needed for the year. So the 16lbs. I purchased should last me until the sale next year. 

I picked up 5 - 2lb. bags of confectioners sugar for $ .99 each. I only use these to make frosting. I had 2 bags already in my baking cupboard so 14 lbs. should last me a year.

Brown sugar is something I use a lot to bake with. I already had 3 lbs. so I purchased 4 more 2 lb. bags for $ .99. I may get more if this sale continues.

I picked up 2- 5 lb. bags of flour for $ 1.35 each. I add flour to my stockpile when I see a good deal. I now have 35 lbs. of flour. I store it in my big white food grade buckets in the basement.

We just opened the last large bottle of ketchup last night to make Sloppy Joes from scratch. Someone had told me that the ketchup pictured above is made by Heinz. So I got one to try. It was 38 oz. and cost $ 1.49.

My grandson likes hot chocolate. So I purchased the bag of mini marshmallows for $ .89.

Now I have a confession to make. The food that I love more than any other is French fries with turkey gravy. It goes back to my high school days(the 1960's) when the local restaurant served them this way. Many an afternoon was spent at Paul's with friends enjoying those French fries. Many a restaurant in my area now carries gravy as a side dish because so many of us have asked for it for our French fries. So I picked up 12 packets to make turkey gravy next year when we aren't having turkey just for my French fries. They were $.39 each.

As you can see my total came to $ 61.71. 

On the way to Aldi's I quickly stopped at Top's and purchased a $ 50.00 Panera Bread gift card for $ 40.00 using the $10.00 promotional credit I earned for buying $50. worth of groceries last week. The  good cards are going fast. My store was out of Applebee's and Outback cards. The Panera Bread card will be used next year to keep us in bagels which I buy on Tuesdays for $ 6.99 a dozen.

Are you stockpiling any good food deals this month? 


  1. I'm visiting family down state where there are more shopping choices. Kroger is having one of those buy 10 get 5.00 off deals. Butter is one of the choices; it works out to 1.99 per pound. You can bet i'm going to buy 10 of those! Our stores in the U.P. have nothing like the sales here. Plus, if i use my Kroger card, which is tied to my son's account, who works at Kroger, i get 10% off Kroger brand items; sweet! (Have cooler, will travel! Ha!)
    My other son has a store near him that sells different things that are short dated for 1.00 each. I've gotten several boxes of fiber one snacks, stadium brats and sausage. I may go back for more.
    Our local store usually puts gift cards on sale for 20% off around Christmas. I buy the limit when that happens. I see here that Applebees is already starting their buy 50.00 get a 10.00 card free. Even Barnes and Noble had a similar deal. When i read the fine print, it said the cards couldn't be used online; that doesn't help me at all. It's cheaper to order those from an online gift card seller.
    I also ordered 30 lbs. of organic raisins for my husband from the local co-op. I thought long and hard about that purchase. My husband loves raisins on his cereal, which he's never going to give up. I refuse to buy regular raisins which are heavily sprayed. I can't afford to buy all organics all the time, but i will buy raisins when the budget allows. We'd been out for several months. Aside from those few things, we're looking good in the stockpile dept. It's a great 'problem' to have.

  2. Hui Momsav,

    That's great deal on butter. I miss shopping at Fry's(Kroger chain) in AZ. I loved the deals like that.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Applebees giftcards. I got a bunch last year.

    Can you tell me how you store the raisins. Do you freeze them?

    1. Right now i've got some in a bucket with the gamma lid. The rest are still in the box, inside a plastic liner, waiting for me to get home and deal with them. I don't think i'll freeze them; i'm afraid of condensation when they thaw, leading to mold. I'll probably put them into small containers and switch them out of the bucket as they get eaten. After allowing for cookies and cereal, i should be able to re-arrange the bucket and squeeze most of them in. (I hope!)

  3. Hi Momsav,

    Thanks for sharing how you store them.

  4. I just stocked up on the $1.99lb butter at Kroger and the 99cents/2lb brown sugar at Aldi. I'll look into the gravy packets for 39cents. We can't have MSG though and a lot of premixed packets do. Our Costco had organic raisins for awhile so I stocked up on them while they had a few dollars off. Would love 20% off gift cards but haven't seen that.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Good job on the butter and brown sugar. Here is hoping you get some gift card deals.