Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done The Past Few Weeks

These are the frugal things we have done the past few weeks:

- Now that we are indoors more often, we don't seem to have as many dirty clothes. So we have whittled the wash loads down to one per week. We are still washing in cold water in the HE's and hanging each load to dry in the basement.

- I mailed out 6 rebates for liquor, wine and my Butterball Turkey.

- Stocked on a year's worth of turkeys, butter, canned tomato and cream of chicken soups, cranberry sauce, cranberries(for muffins), flour and 3 different kinds of sugar, etc. at rock bottom prices.

- Purchased some birthday gift cards that were $ 50.00 cards for $40.00. 

- Purchased discounted gift cards for us to use in 2017.

- Purchased some gifts for birthdays at discounted prices this season.

- I have been packing a lunch, drink, snacks, and a napkin for Hubby for jury duty every day. I at first put it in a reused plastic sack. However I looked in storage in the basement and found a really nice blue insulated lunch sack that I could use for him and it even has a pouch on the side for his drink.  Now that our turkey is finished, I thawed some cooked ham that was in the freezer and used that to make a ham and provolone sandwich this morning and will do the same the rest of the week.

- Purchased needed vitamins at Black Friday rock bottom prices at Puritan Pride.

- I again called GE about my replacement light bulb for the front porch since it has been at least three weeks and I haven't received it. They didn't even have me in the system. They were very apologetic. I suspect something went haywire online when they originally ordered it for me. I had an order number but they couldn't find it. So they have re-ordered it for me and I should have it within a week. It pays to be persistent.

- I have a 2 year warranty on a fry pan in a set I bought. I contacted the company and will be sending them my receipt and pictures of the problem with the pan today. They also want my shipping address. I am expecting they will send me a replacement. I bought these pans a little over a year ago. It pays to save all warranty information and receipts. 

- I called the company that I purchased the laptop and bluetooth headphones from. It is on it's way here.

- We received our school and property tax rebate check, 4 rebates and a health insurance check in the mail. They will all be deposited in our savings.

- Our Thanksgiving dinner cost us under $36.00 for turkey with all of the trimmings and wine for 5 people. We had tons of leftovers for all of us.

- Hubby has been appealing a claim with our health insurance company. It was for the doctor that was his hospitalist when he was so sick in June and July.  They refused to pay the claim because they said the Doctor was out of network. After months of trying to prove the insurance company wrong and the practice wrong for submitting the Dr's. bill incorrectly, Hubby finally got it all taken care of. We got the statement this week showing the insurance company paid the $ 71.00 in full. Dealing with insurance companies can be very frustrating but it usually pays to have patience and persistence.

- Hubby took the NYS Safe Driver course which saved us $250.00 on our car insurance which is due in December.

- We continue to add our change and bottle deposits to my spending money jar for my Disney trip.

- I cancelled all of our doctor and dentist appointments for the next two and half weeks and rescheduled them so that we don't have to pay horrendous fees( $25. - $35. each) for not cancelling them in time.

- We continue to open and close shades and blinds when the sun is shining to save on heat. With Hubby out of the house for about 8 hours a day, I have turned the heat down four degrees. We use no lights during the day even though we have all LED bulbs unless it is so dreary that we can't read.

- We are sending Christmas cards this year but less than 25. Since I need stamps and will be down at B.J.'s on Saturday, I will buy them there. They have 100 Forever Stamps for $46.75. It is only a $ .25 discount but since I will be there anyhow I will save that $ .25.  

- I used Dryel to dry clean Hubby's coat. It worked beautifully and saved us the cost of paying the dry cleaner to do it.

- I reserved some books at our library so that I can pick them up on Saturday.

- Yesterday I shampooed two rooms of wall to wall carpeting in the house using our shampooer. I saved the cost of getting it done professionally and I am getting a lot done without Hubby home.

- I have been taking walks every morning which gives me free exercise. While walking I am listening to a tape which is teaching me something new.

- We are using an electric blanket now that we have colder nights. It has dual controls so that we can control the temperature on each side of our bed. I turn mine on for just a few minutes to heat up my side. Then I turn it off for the rest of the night. The heat from Hubby's side keeps me plenty warm.

- We continue to take navy showers.

- We have only been running the full dishwasher every three days and using the energy saving cycle. Our dishes air dry.

- We recycle every thing that is permitted to save on the number of plastic garbage bags we use per week. Our town requires that garbage be put in plastic bags inside our barrel.

- I fixed a zipper on a pair of jeans. I also sewed a button on Hubby's shirt.

- I capture cold water in the shower and the kitchen while it heats up. I use it for other purposes during the day.

- We don't let water run while we are brushing our teeth, rinsing dishes or washing vegetables.

What have you done frugally the past few weeks? Would you share with us in comments so that we can all learn from you?     


  1. Wow, so many ways of savings! We are still waiting on a bill from the hospital for hubby having to go to the emergency room months and month ago.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Medical bills seem to take forever.

  2. I am really enjoying your blog, thank you for taking the time and writing very interesting articles.

    1. Hi Hilogene,

      Thanks for your kindness. I write hoping that people will enjoy it.

  3. I love these posts on the way you save money each week. They get me thinking about ways I can save too...thank you. My biggest savings is I always hang my clothes to dry and to stay out of the stores and stay home. It saves both gas and money!

    1. Thanks mamabeanof4.

      Staying out of the stores is a big one for me too. I actually like being home.

  4. Glad I am not alone on stocking up on turkeys. I have a big freezer and I currently have ten 21 lb turkeys in it. Can get a lot of meals for a family of four out of one. So for around $15.00 for meat for a week (plus I freeze some) we can eat really well. I have a stockpile that I always add to and when the weather turns bad I don't have to worry about running to the store for anything.

    1. Wow! Ten 21 lb. turkeys is terrific. I like the way you roll. Enjoy all of those healthy meals. Turkey is so good for you. I am with you on not shopping in bad weather. We could eat out of here for a long, long time.