Thursday, November 10, 2016

Frugal Things We Have Done The Past Two Weeks

These are the frugal things that we have done the past couple of weeks:

- I continue to add all of our change to our mason jar bank for my 2018 Disney trip spending money.

- I continue to add all rebate checks to my Disney stash. I just got a reimbursement check from my health insurance company for a drug that is paid by them. I had already paid for this prescription so I decided to add this $ 8.40 to my Disney savings. I now have $ 153.85 saved toward my spending money for the trip.

- I did six loads of wash last Saturday in the HE's. This included more stored clothes that needed to be washed for the winter, blankets, sheets and towels. I used cold water and minimal detergent. Since I had so many loads, I splurged and used the dryer. I don't pay for dryer sheets because I don't use them.

- Finally Hubby and my son got the patio furniture stored away in the shed for the winter. They also brought the snowblower from the shed to the garage and Hubby tuned it up and changed the oil so it is all ready for our first snow storm.

- Our yellow roses keep thinking it is spring so they bloomed again. Hubby trimmed the three of them way back so hopefully the warm weather won't make this happen again.

- I made a large crock pot full of beef stew using a $ 3.99 sale sirloin roast. I cut it into chunks and then cleaned out my produce drawer using celery, onions, carrots and potatoes. This gave us 3 meals plus one for the freezer.

- I am thawing a 20 lb. two year old turkey that I plan on roasting on Saturday or Sunday. Yes, I checked with the Butterball hotline and they said it should be perfectly fine since it has been stored in my chest freezer since I purchased it in Nov. 2014. We will eat a couple of meals and then I will food saver the rest of the meat for future meals. Since I am making another one for Thanksgiving, we don't want to get sick of it. 

- The LED floodlight bulb in the ceiling fixture on our front porch died. It cost us about $25. when we purchased it and it is only about 15 months old. I called GE lighting who made the bulb and they agreed that it should have lasted for many, many years so they are shipping us a new one. It pays to  take the 5 minutes time to call and ask.

- We were craving Egg McMuffins so I made my own using English muffins, eggs and breakfast sausage. I not only saved money but gasoline to go buy them.

- I had one bottle of hand sanitizer left from last year. Normally I would have to buy more to make it through the winter. However I was given some as party favors at both a baby shower and the birthday party we went to a couple of weeks ago. So I should not have to buy any more for this winter. You have to love freebies.

- I called my sister last night using my free long distance. Free long distance and my sister are priceless. I was great to talk with her.

- I am planning a fun weekend for my grandson who is coming to stay with us in about 10 days. We will go bowling if I can find a place that has open bowling. This is one of his favorite things to do. He also asked me if we could bake cookies together. He loves doing that because he loves to stir them and eat them when they are cooled. So I will use some of the Halloween candy that I purchased at 50% off. I am making a list of other free things we can do like play games on the Wii, draw pictures with chalk on the sidewalk out front weather permitting, play Crazy Eights and Yahtzee, do a jigsaw puzzle, etc. 

- I washed my tile floors in the bathrooms with hot water, soap and bleach.

- I have been stockpiling items that are at rock bottom prices this month. We have been eating meat and veggies from our freezer stockpile.

- I have planned a breakfast for us, my grandson and son of homemade French toast, sausage, and fruit for this Sunday morning. 

- I added my last Amazon Subscribe and Save item to my November order so that I get 15% off all of the items.  I am paying for the order with my Ebates payment, Amazon gift cards and Amazon CC reward points. I was happy to be able to do this since 2 large expensive K cup boxes of coffee are in this order. 

- I made two apple pies and froze them.

- For the past two weeks I have been using my laptop rather than my PC to save on electricity.

Have you done something in the past couple of weeks that is frugal?  Please share with us in comments.  


  1. Hello. I often read but have never commented before. I have a question about your foodsaver. Over here in the UK they are quite expensive and I am thinking about investing in one. Do they really save you money and food? I read the testimonials but am unsure about how true they are. Thank you in advance. MrsH

    1. Hi Mrs. Hoppy,

      Mine has saved me a ton of money since I can stockpile meat at rock bottom prices and never get freezer burn. I have kept meat well over a year. I also love to do up cheese because it keeps it from molding. Blanched fresh veggies stay as good as the day you freeze them and then just drop them into a pot of boiling water to cook.

    2. Thank you. Looks like that is where I need to spend my hard earned pennies to make the £'s stretch further.