Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I Stockpiled Yesterday

As much as I didn't want to get out of bed early yesterday, I did. So after posting our October expense report, I headed to Super Walmart.

They had all of their Halloween candy marked at 50% off. I spent a bit of time checking expiration dates on the bags so that I could get the ones that were August and September 2017. I did find a couple that were 2018. Those will be saved to give out to trick or treaters next year. To be honest any marked to expire in August or September 2017 will still be good for Halloween. If you are concerned about that just freeze the candy. 

I was very happy to find bags that included a lot of Hershey bars because I make Christmas fudge using them. 

The M&M's will be used to make cookies. Here is the original M&M Cookie Recipe and scroll down to see others. 

Save out the red and green M&M's to use at Christmas time. Use the red ones for Valentine's Day also.

The Jolly Rancher's, lollipops and Twizzlers can be used as a treat for the grandchildren through out the year or put in Christmas stockings for them.

This is my very favorite Kit Kat Recipe

Here are a lot of recipes using Peanut Butter Cups:

Recipes . Here is my favorite Butterfinger Recipe

And lastly I use Nestle Crunch bars in this Recipe .
We love them at Christmas.  

While I was out, I stopped at Rite Aid to pick up a prescription and they had these nice thick towels on sale at 50% off. They were with the Halloween things. I use this type of towel as a hand towel at the kitchen sink so that we use them instead of paper towels to dry our hands. We have plenty right now but they are starting to wear. So when I need new ones I will have these at the ready. They come three to a pack and are nice fall colors. They were $2.49 each after the 50% off. I use cotton, linen dish towels to dry dishes so we both know the difference in what is a dish towel and what is a hand towel.

Did you get any good after Halloween deals?


  1. I picked up a bag of candy at Walmart yesterday too! ;) I had to limit myself to just one bag though because I will "justify" getting into the others and eating them if I know there is still one bag left. LOL!

    1. Hi Debbie,

      LOL! We have all been know to do that.

  2. Great deals and plans to use it. I laughed at myself because I thought you were stockpiling food for an emergency.

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks. I "stockpile" lots of things.