Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Let's Talk Turkey

When it comes to meat or poultry, turkey is the best bargain you can get all year. I don't know what your prices are this month but I am assuming they are cheaper than any other time of the year for this meat.

I have been paying $ .99 a lb. for Butterball turkeys and $ .48 a lb. for Top's Premium turkeys. Wegman's is the same price as Top's in my area. The Butterball ones I do not have to spend a certain amount to get that price. To get the Top's or Wegman's price, you have to spend a minimum of $ 25.00 on groceries.

So far I have purchased 3 turkeys this month. One is hiding in the bottom. The Butterball was 19.6 lbs. at $ .99 a lb which cost me $19.40. The Top's turkeys were 15.99 lbs. and 21.78 lbs. at $ .48 a lb which cost me a total of $ 18.13. So far I have spent $ 37.53 on turkey and have 57.37 lbs. of turkey. These cost me a total of $ 65. a lb. If I had only purchased Top's turkeys it would have been just $ .48 a lb for all of that meat. But I chose to buy the Butterball for Thanksgiving. I do plan on taking the Butterball out to thaw on Saturday. So I will be getting one more large turkey at Top's on that day. That will give me 3 extra turkeys to cook over the winter or next fall. Plus I already have about 10 lbs. of turkey leftovers from the one I cooked this past Sunday in my upstairs freezer.

I don't know of any other meat, poultry, or fish that you can buy that cheaply to feed your family. Hot dogs on sale cost me a $1.00 a lb. We rarely have these because I don't like them. But I do keep a few packages on hand for Hubby because he does. The cheapest I have ever found chicken thighs is $ .88 a lb. 

Granted the actual turkey meat costs more than the per pound price because of the turkey carcass. But the larger the turkey you buy, the more meat per bone is on the turkey. I make sure that we use every ounce of meat. We make many meals from the turkey using the leftovers in different meals plus sandwiches for both dinners and lunches.

We use our meat slicer to slice the turkey breasts nice and thin for both our hot and cold sandwiches. I don't buy turkey breast for sandwiches at the deli but I have seen prices that run about $ 6.00 to $ 8.00 per lb. Yikes! It is so much cheaper to slice up one of the turkey's breasts and food saver and freeze it in portions for sandwich meat. It tastes just as good as the day you packaged it when you pull it out of the freezer and thaw it. I will do the work to save over $5.00+ a lb. 

The last bits of turkey are used to make soup. I cook up the nicely browned skin and the carcass to get lots of turkey broth. I freeze that broth in quart portions to use for soup and other recipes during the year. Soup is easy and cheap. Just add diced celery, sliced carrots, some corn kernels, turkey bits and some rice or noodles to your broth. Add whatever spices you want and simmer. YUM! We had a bowl last night. 

We have some favorite meals that we love for leftovers. Besides eating a turkey dinner for leftovers we make hot and cold sandwiches. We also make a stuffing and turkey casserole using leftover stuffing, turkey and gravy. Just put it in a 9x13 dish and bake it until it is heated through. Put the turkey on the bottom with some gravy so it doesn't dry out. 

We also make turkey pot pies with chunks of turkey, celery, carrots and corn in a turkey gravy or cream of chicken soup. I just make my own pie crust. Sometimes I make them like a pie and sometimes the mixture is in a casserole dish with a crust just on top. You can make them ahead and freeze them, Just pull out to bake on a day that you are rushed. 

There is one favorite sandwich that I make which is  grilled turkey, tomato and swiss cheese on rye bread. It is so good. 

You can use turkey leftovers all year in place of almost any chicken recipe. I use it in stir fries, turkey tetrazzini, turkey ala king, turkey enchiladas, turkey, celery, mandarin orange and mayo salad or macaroni and turkey salad, tortilla and taco soups, etc. I am sure you have many favorite dishes that you can use it in.

So if you have the room, get a few extra turkeys and use them over the next year. Turkey is so healthy and versatile. If you don't have a lot of room, cook those turkeys and package and freeze the meat for future meals. 

This is a no brainer when it comes to cutting your annual meat costs

Are you buying extra turkeys this year? What price per lb.are you buying them at? Do you throw them in the deep freeze or cook them all and freeze the meat in portions? Do you have any easy recipes that I haven't mentioned? Please share with us in the comments. Curious minds want to know.


  1. I am not a fan of turkey(the smell of it reheated does awful things to me lolz)but I do like a nice fresh turkey dinner. I probably won't get extra turkeys this holiday season(unless I find room in the freezer by Xmas time). Locally we have .50¢ lb+/- deals on store brand or more generic types if you spend $25 as well.

    In the Spring/Summer my grocery store here sometimes does a special on hotel-style turkey breasts and I like to pick those up rather than whole turkeys as more of us like the white meat than the dark.

    1. Hi slugmama,

      Sorry to hear that about the reheated turkey. I wish we would have a deal on those turkey breast here but none over past few years. We used to be able to get them for $ .99 a lb. in April -May.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I'll use some of your suggestions so that I don't waste any food this year.
    I still have 2 turkeys in the freezer from last year plus the one I bought for Thanksgiving, so I probably won't buy any more. I may pick up a turkey breast while they are on sale for my husband to smoke/grill next year.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Enjoy those turkeys. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Since i'm vegetarian, it's hard for me to feed my husband so much turkey. I still have one from last Summer. (I think it was Summer..) He didn't want me to buy one last Thanksgiving, so i didn't. Our local price is 69 cents per lb with a 20.00 or 25.00 purchase. I'm tempted to buy another one but my husband prefers ham. That's what i'm keeping an eye out for. I hope i don't have to wait til Easter. (Although, i do have a ham in the freezer, too.)
    Thanks for the turkey ideas! Sometimes i need someone to state the obvious. I never thought to cook it like i would chicken.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I am always surprised at the difference in prices across the country.

      I too am keeping an eye on ham prices because I would like to get two or three. But alas, our prices seem to be high this year. Maybe they will get better after Thanksgiving.

  4. Picking up my 2nd .49/# turkey tomorrow. Would like to get at least one or two more :)