Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 2016 Expense Report

This is every dime that we have spent in the month of November. I will not be going anywhere or spending any money today or tomorrow. Hence I am posting it early. If there is an expense that you don't see, it is explained HERE

Electric and Gas                            $ 95.58

Alarm Monitoring                             30.90

CableTV, Int.&Tel.                           138.34

Netflix                                               9.99

Medical                                          338.37

Clothing                                          75.68

Groceries                                       601.69

Liquor & Beer                                   53.88

Restaurant&Takeout                          19.30

Shipping                                          13.26

Giftcards                                        130.00

Personal Care                                   46.15

Gifts                                              158.00

Household Goods                            138.51

Total Expenses                            $ 1849.65

There are two categories that aren't shown this month. We had no household maintenance expenses this month. And we purchased no gasoline this month nor will we be until this weekend or next Monday. Hubby never got home until after dark, so I never went out yesterday. The same will be true today.

Most of these categories are self explanatory. I will elaborate a little on a few. Our medical was very low this month. It was only insurance, co pays for 2 appointments, 4 prescriptions and 10 bottles of Vitamin D3.

I broke my vow to buy no clothing because I needed a decent pair of boots and gloves. I found a $109.00 pair of boots at LL Bean and with a sale I only paid $ 66.55 with tax. Using reward points I paid $ 9.13 for a $16.00 pair of warm gloves at Amazon. My gloves were so thin that my hands would freeze just driving down to the dentist. For boots I had been wearing a 22 year old pair of sneaker hiking boots. So it was time to get these items that will keep me warm in our brutal winters.

Groceries were high but that is because I stocked on turkeys, butter, other baking supplies, and canned goods that are rock bottom priced this time of year.

Liquor and beer was to replenish our stock to entertain.

Shipping was UPS charges for sending photos that we copied for my daughter-in-law.

Restaurant and eating out was for a quick Burger King breakfast ($6.48) and taking my grandson to the yogurt place($ 12.82). 

Gift cards were $ 170.00 worth that I purchased for an OOP of $ 130.00 for Hubby and I to use in the future. Anytime you can make a profit on these, it is a good spend.

Personal care was a curling iron for me and a beard trimmer for Hubby.

Gifts were for gift cards for two family birthdays this month, a thank you gift card, a book for my grandsons birthday in January, and a gift card for my daughter-in-laws birthday in March. 

Household goods were those marked down after Halloween kitchen towels that I showed you. I bought six inkjet cartridges for our photo printer.  Two books were purchased for me at Amazon. They had such a great deal on my Fiesta dishes at Kohl's that I purchased three extra sets just in case I break any plates, bowls or mugs. That will almost guarantee that I won't break any. I also purchased a much needed jar opener and a pastry scraper.

Our total expenses this month were $ 1849.65. I am so happy with this figure. It is the second lowest month with the exception of February of 2016. We could go out and celebrate but we won't because we would spend unnecessary money. 

However, I did invest $ 5,700.00 this morning which brings our savings and investments to a total of $ 48,200.00 so far in 2016. Unless we have a major catastrophe, we will make our savings goal of $ 50,000.00 for 2016 and possibly exceed it. That is enough of a celebration for us. 

How are you doing on paying off your debt or saving for your goals this year? I hope you all are getting to where you want to be. Have you thought about budgeting for 2017? I realize that everyone is getting ready for Christmas but take the time to really think about what you want for 2017 and how to get there. Set up your goals and budget in December. I will discuss more about our goals and what we will do in 2017 next month.


  1. Nice job on the under $2K expenses in November.

    Except for an almost $2500 expense month in October we don't even come close to my old goal of $2K in expenses per month anymore.
    Added costs with medical back on our medical insurance and larger grocery, etc./bigger utility bills having 2 more adults in the household. We won't be seeing any reduction in our living costs until Daughter graduates, gets a real job and moves away.

    I haven't set anything in stone yet for 2017 but I am considering having it be the Year of Austerity for us.

    1. Hi Slugmama,

      Thank you. It's tough when the kids are at home. I remember those days. I had one living at home in college and one at college 4 hours away but who came home a lot of weekends. It's hard enough feeding them but they always seem to want to have multiple friends over.

      The Year of Austerity sounds like fun!

    2. LOL....only you would say Austerity sounds fun. 8-))

    3. I knew that would get you. I would love it. Just coming up with new ideas to test.

  2. Congratulations on your savings! That is awesome that you have almost met your goal; I know you will be able to do it.
    Great job on keeping expenses low. You inspire me to do better.

  3. I am so impressed with your savings! I'm taking notes and trying to learn from you. :)

  4. Wow...awesome savings this month! Who do you have your cable/internet/ phone with? It seems low compared to ours.

    1. Hi mamabeanof4,

      It is with Time Warner which is now Spectrum. I think they are outrageous. To get this low rate I have to fight them every year. They keep trying to raise me. I wish I could convince Hubby that we don't need the Cable TV but alas he enjoys it.