Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016 Expense Report

This is every penny that we spent in the month of October. If there is an expense here that you don't see, it is explained here .

CableTV, Internet,Tel.                          $138.34

Electric&Nat. Gas                                    95.42

Alarm Monitoring                                    30.90

Netflix                                                     9.99

Texas Property Taxes                               63.09

Household Maintenance                           85.32

Rest.& Take Out                                    188.98

Groceries                                              184.31

Household Goods                                    47.62

Gasoline                                               111.45

Gifts                                                     836.00

Personal Care                                        162.81

Clothing                                                 59.38

Medical, Drugs, Insurance                      350.47

Total OOP Expenses                           $ 2364.08 

We had a pretty good month since I held our grocery expenses low by cooking from our stockpile. 

We keep our cable TV and Netflix because they are entertainment for us especially over the winter months when we stay home more.

Our natural gas and electric bill are much lower than our neighbors. I know this because it always seems to be a topic they talk about it.

The Texas property taxes are for the acreage we own and rent out. It is one third of the total amount of the tax bill.

Household maintenance was payment for Aqua Systems blowing out the water from our underground sprinkler system. This is preventative so the water can't freeze and cause damage to the system.

Restaurant and takeout included a $133.55 dinner bill  at Valente's for our family this past Sunday.

Household goods is our non-food items like toilet paper, shampoo, razors and blades, etc.

Our gasoline bill was high because of a lot of doctor appointments this month and the trip.

Gifts included the out of pocket for some of the Christmas presents, a baby gift, and two birthday gift cards.

Personal care is things like haircuts, make up, etc.

Clothing was my new coat.

The medical was our monthly health insurance premium and prescription and doctor appointment co-pays. It was low this month.

We did well enough this month that we were able to invest $4500. yesterday. That brings our total savings for the year to $ 42,500.  With two months to go, it is looking more and more like we may reach our $50,000. savings goal for the year especially since Christmas shopping is all finished and paid for. We have a large automobile insurance bill due in December but we have a good income that month also.

We will be concentrating on stockpiling for our pantries in November and December. Of course we will also be doing some holiday dinners and baking of yummy treats.

Hubby and I will be looking at what we spent this year very carefully and deciding where we should cut  or increase our budget in 2017. We also will spend a lot of time estimating what our 2016 tax bill will be so that we can decide on any tax harvesting that should be done before the end of 2016. These will be a very busy two months. But it is necessary to keep our freedom and financial independence that we have enjoyed for over 15 years. Careful planning always pays off.

Did you reach your frugal goals this month?


  1. Wow, great savings and investing!!

  2. You did really well! I stocked up on one bag of the reduced priced candy because I know myself all too well. If it is here in the house, I will eat it. LOL! Better to just have 1 bag than 4 for me. ;)