Thursday, November 17, 2016

Reviewing and Budgeting for 2017: Automobile

Hubby and I reviewed what it cost to own our car for the past year and the 10 months in 2016. We have spent $ 479.28 on gasoline in 2016 which not only includes the car but also a little bit for the lawn mower and snowblower. For the past 12 months that gasoline cost has been $568.28.

In the past year we have also spent $ 64.00 to park our car, $24.21 on car washes, $75.00 for our AAA membership, $21.00 for our car inspection, $ 889.00 for our car insurance and $ 354. for oil changes, tire changes, and to fix a flat at our local garage.

We have no auto payment because we paid cash for the car. Part of our saving and investing includes the cost for our next car. We saved that money many years ago. Considering our age and the fact that our car right now only has 19000 miles on it, I doubt we will have to buy but one more car.

So the total spent on automobile expenses for the past year was $1995.49 or $ 166.29 a month.

Considering that the parking expense and the gasoline charges were higher this past year than ever, we will not be budgeting much more than we spent this past year. They were higher because of Hubby's hospitalization. Hopefully we won't deal with another one in 2017.

Our auto insurance bill is due in December and usually goes up. But Hubby is right now taking a safe driver course for NYS that will reduce our liability cost. It was time to renew it. It's only good for three years in NYS.

We only go to the car wash a few times in the winter to get the salt off. Otherwise we wash our own car. I would imagine that the other items will go up in price in 2017 also.

Gasoline goes up and down. This is the one expense that we can do something about and it should help offset any increases. We are able to earn gas points at our local market. So those do help. We also have a cash only gas station that usually is lower than the other ones for when we don't have gas points. We also have a gas station that gives me $.10 off a gallon because I use their fuel rewards card. When I use the gas points at Top's, I do pay with my 2% rewards credit card. So I have many choices whenever I need to fill up.

We have also committed to driving less in 2017. Hubby and I finally have all of our doctor and dentist appointments together so that it is one trip instead of two. I have also decided to only run all errands one day a week in 2017. I will be keeping a list of what needs to be done on that day of the week. Hubby will add anything that he wants to that list and he knows that I will only go one day a week to get them. We will probably do the same number of trips to visit relatives that we do now. 

So we will budget $2,000.00 for all of 2017 and see how we do. 

How do you cut down on your automobile expenses?
Please leave a comment and share with us. I would love to find a new way to save on these expenses.


  1. Good job on breaking down all the expenses for your vehicles. Sadly our expenses were much higher. We live out in a small farming community so we have to drive to work, shopping, doctor's appointments, to see family, etc.. My car needed some major repairs this year and hubby's car just up and died so we replaced it with another used one. He was able to take parts off his old car to use on the new one since it is just a newer version of his old one. He uses his "new" little car to commute to and from work, so that saves on gas. We have been using my car a lot though too.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks. The expenses do add up, don't they? I was shocked that without having a car payment that ours were so high. It is expensive to run a car.