Friday, November 11, 2016

Reviewing and Budgeting for 2017: Clothing

I told you that in 2016 we would not spend any money on clothing. We did not make that challenge.

We spent a total of $123.26 on clothing for the past year or $10.27 a month. Since I desperately needed bras and Hubby needed a pair of shorts, we had to spend on those things. Then I finally found a winter coat that I love and will keep me warm this winter. So we feel good about what we did spend even though we didn't make the challenge.

Neither Hubby nor I care much about being fashionable. Our days of wearing professional clothing are over and we just like to be comfortable. We buy classic clothing(mostly LL Bean) that will last  us for years. We don't buy every new trend that comes out each season. 

Most days Hubby and I are both in jeans. Hubby likes warm flannel in the winter and I love long sleeve shirts or T shirts. We have plenty of sweatshirts and sweaters to keep us warm in the house. In the summer, we are in shorts or jeans and T shirts or polos.

Hubby has many more clothes than I do because I am a minimalist. I have about 2 weeks worth of clothes and that works for me. My favorite color is blue so that is what I usually wear. If I am not in a blue top, I am usually in red.  

We have a few dress up clothes but they don't get worn very often. The birthday party was the first time we dressed up in a couple of years.

We are usually in a good pair of sneakers. When I see a sale on the brands we like, I stockpile. I have three pair of sneakers and Hubby has two pair right now. We wear the same pair everyday and the extras are brand new in their boxes waiting for the ones we are wearing to be thrown out. We do wear them until they start to fall apart.

I have one pair of slip on shoes and a a pair of boots and that get worn regularly. Hubby has the same. We do each have a few dress up shoes. 

I buy underwear when it is needed. Hubby has a stockpile waiting to be opened. He will only wear one brand so when I see a rock bottom sale and have coupons, I stockpile for him. I buy socks for us the same way. 

We have fleece and winter coats that we bang around in. We also have spring lightweight jackets. Plus we own gloves, hats and scarves for the winter. 

We also have about 5 PJ's or nightgowns and we each have bathrobes.  

That sums up our wardrobe.  Since I rarely put our clothes in the dryer, they last for years.  All of that lint is coming from the fibers in your clothes.  So we only buy clothes to replace the ones that wear out.

We always look neat, clean and presentable in our classic clothing no matter where we go. 

That being said, we have decided we may need some replacements in 2017. So we are budgeting $ 400.00 for clothing for both of us or about $ 33.33 a month. If we need to use it we will, if not we won't.

Do you budget for clothing for the year? Do you buy clothes as replacements or do you like to always get the newest fashion? Please share with all of us in the comments.


  1. I used to wear jeans a lot, but discovered the comfort of yoga pants a few years ago. I buy mine at TJMAXX and they wash and wear well. Very slenderizing and comfortable; put on a long sweater and you look great. I now rarely wear jeans.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I will have to check those out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We don't have a clothing budget. We just replace as needed.

    2015 we spent $288.09 on clothing and so far in 2016 we have spent $411.96. Half of what was spent in 2015 was for shoes(for me)and the rest for youngest son's wardrobe.
    In 2016 so far, undies, bras, basic pants and summer dresses for me and shoes and jeans for Hubs made up the bulk of spending so far this year. Clothing spending is for me, Hubs and youngest son.

    I wear plus size and wide width shoes so my clothing is a bit pricier but I wait for sales and/or coupon offers. None of us are clothes horses and we probably won't spend anything else on clothing this year.
    We are all good on underthings now and Hubs had a stockpile of undershirts and youngest has a stockpile of socks(he goes through them fast!lol).
    Hubs wears business casual for work and jeans and t-shirts or polos for leisure. Youngest's "uniform" is jeans or khakis, t-shirts and flannel shirts. I wear black or navy pants and rayon tops mostly in Spring/Summer/Fall and dresses in Summer.
    I probably have too many clothes as I am guilty of buying a new top now and again to lift my spirits(once or twice a year)but I never put anything on credit so no problems here.

    1. Hi Slugmama,

      Those are great spend figures for three people.Why is it that boys or even men put holes in their socks so quickly? I always had a problem with that with three of them in the house. Hubby still wears holes in the same spots over and over. My socks last for 10-15 years.

  3. I don't have a budget for clothes. I just buy as I go. I've been doing this for years. I use birthday and Christmas money that I save until I find a good deal on something I need and sometimes I use the $50 "allowance" I get every month. At times, I will buy an article of clothing (mostly tops) with my allowance just to have something different to wear. I have enough pants and shorts and my clothes seem to last a long time. My rule of thumb when I'm shopping for a new top is if the top I have on looks as good as or better than the ones I'm trying on, I don't buy. I've saved some money doing this. I do have to replace my running/walking shoes every 2-3 years.

    1. Hi Olderandwiser,

      That is a good way to budget birthday and Christmas money. I love your rule of thumb. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Husband and I just bought new clothes. My clothes take such a beating with my messy daily life. I bought tops at JCP on sale with a coupons, I found jeans I really like at Walmart for $11.88 and got 4 pair and some tops from their clearance rack.
    I also ordered some Lularoe leggings on line and I think I'll be good all winter. Taking care of littles, some days I change clothes at least once and sometimes twice.
    Husband just ordered 2 chamois shirts and 2 jeans and a hat from LLBean. He should be good too, except he needs some underwear that fits. 😂
    No, I don't worry about being stylish. I just like to look OK

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Nice job on the jeans and clearance tops. Thanks for sharing. Hubby swears by J C Penneys own brand of underwear. He has been buying it for decades.

    2. Thanks for the JCP tip. I ordered my husband some from Amazon and if they don't work, I get him some JCP ones next. He is not picky about his clothes but underwear just gets a little weird.

  5. Hi AD, this is Chris. We budget $100/mo for clothing, but don't always spend it.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Isn't it great when you can save form the budget?